This 86-Year-Old Man Taught Himself to Knit Hats for Premature Babies

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Ed Moseley, an 86-year-old retired engineer, recently taught himself to knit in order to make hats for premature babies. Moseley's assisted living community donated more than 300 hats to the NICU at Atlanta's Northside Hospital, with Moseley contributing 55 hats himself.

Moseley is no stranger to helping others, having participated in a donation last year to women and children in need by filling shoeboxes with toiletries. This year, a group of senior living communities in Georgia challenged their residents to knit hats for premature babies. The deadline was set for for earlier this month. Moseley's community, Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Acworth, was the only one to participate.

Moseley, wanting to participate this year, had only one problem: he didn't know how to knit. He wasn't going to let that stop him from doing some good. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he convinced his daughter to pick up a starter loom kit, instructions and yarn for him.

Once he finally got the process down, he would knit while watching TV and soon began encouraging others to join in the challenge. Not only was he doing well so well with his own hats, he began teaching other residents how to knit hats for premature babies.

Moseley is now taking requests from family and friends.

"I am taking orders right now," he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "As they long as they furnish the yarn, I don't charge anything."

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This 86-Year-Old Man Taught Himself to Knit Hats for Premature Babies