This 8-Year-Old Boy Stole the Show From Luke Bryan [WATCH]

Luke Bryan better watch his back - this kid is out for his job!

Luke Bryan invited an 8-year-old boy on stage at his concert in South Dakota and took advantage of his time in the spotlight. Bryan stood back as the boy belted his hit "This Is How We Roll", including all of Florida Georgia Line's rap. Astounded at the kid's fearlessness and rap skills, Bryan switches hats with the boy and sits down to let him finish out the performance.

After the boy wraps up his big debut, Bryan tells the crowd, "I've been doing this about 10 years ... and that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life."

So who is this future superstar? His name is Riley Svanda, and he's a third grader from Tea, South Dakota. He told KSFY-TV that he managed to catch Bryan's eye with a hand-made sign he brought to the show. "We made this big like neon poster and it said, 'Can I sing with you?'" It was enough to get him on-stage, and now the rest is history.

"When I make it big, I'm going to thank Luke Bryan for my career," Svanda says. Time will tell for certain, but it looks like Bryan found country music's next big thing.

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This 8-Year-Old Boy Stole the Show From Luke Bryan [WATCH]