8 Tutorials That Will Give You Perfect Hair for Summer [WATCH]

Great hair just got a little easier.

Believe it or not, hair styles go beyond just straight and curly. If you're trying to get some new ideas for your hair, then check out these hair tutorials. From braids to simple updos, these are the easiest ways to get gorgeous looks in minutes.

1. Waterfall Braid

It's almost a french braid, but way quicker. Wash your hair the day before to make it a little easier to work with. This is a cute way to keep hair out of your face.

2. Crown Twist

The crown twist look can be dressed up or down. It's great for a formal event. If you're a bride, you can even add some light flowers in the hair.

3. Two Dutch Braids & Low Bun

This braid and low bun takes a little dedication, but it's still really simple. If you're doing errands all day and still want to look halfway put together, then this is the style for you.

4. Beach Wave

Need a quick wave? Check this out! Many have caught on to the flat iron curling technique and swear by it.

5. 1-Minute Bun for Short Hair

This is a great video for those with short hair. Now you can have a cute bun without using a million bobby pins.

6. Milkmaid Braid

This one looks way more difficult than it actually is. Just part your hair down the middle, braid and pin. It's a great look for someone with bangs as well.

7. Sock Bun

You will make the perfect clean bun every time. All you need is a sock. Make sure it's a clean one. Those with dark hair should use a brown or black sock instead of white.

8. Hair Headband

If you have long hair this will definitely work the best. The curling wand is used here, but any curling iron can work as well.

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8 Tutorials That Will Give You Perfect Hair for Summer [WATCH]