8 Country Songs to Get You in the Mood for the Fall

Fall brings with it more than just the smell of turning leaves on the breeze and boxing up your summer clothes. The switch into fall is also a time of major life reflection and heartbreak, at least according to a lot of country musicians. These eight songs encapsulate the sweet nostalgia of the changing seasons and will get you ready to wear sweaters, sing sad love songs, and swill some warming bourbon.

8. "Chill of an Early Fall," George Strait

This haunting song combines the melancholy of shorter days, along with surprising life changes, including losing that special someone.

7. "Country Bumpkin," Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

These two voices have told hilarious and tragic stories about partnership and life's hard and unexpected road. "Country Bumpkin" is all about how life changes over the years and the remaining sweetness.

6. "Whoever's in New England," Reba McEntire

This Reba classic is all about a woman's intuition when it comes to her man's infidelity. The New England foliage might be pretty but it comes with some serious baggage.

5. "Fall," Clay Walker

Not every song about fall has to have a darker meaning about infidelity and the loss of innocence. Clay Walker released this song in 2007 and it's all about falling into a pair of safe and loving arms.

4. "Today I Started Love You Again," Merle Haggard

Love never dies, even after lots of fighting and loss. Fall leaves and lots of internal reflection go into this song of realization.

3. "The Boys of Fall," Kenny Chesney

A new school year and a new football season mean only one thing, it's autumn. This song lists all the greatest things about the end of summer.

2. "Storms Never Last," Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter

One of the greatest country love stories can only come out with an amazing duet about making up. It's a reminder that no fight and no cold night can last forever.

1. "Harvest Time," Luke Bryan

If all that heavy thinking about love and loss leaves you feeling you need a modern pick-me-up, this Luke Bryan song is a comforting reminder of the country harvest season and all its promise.

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8 Country Songs to Get You in the Mood for the Fall