copperhead snakes
Facebook/Susan Thompson

Badass 72-Year-Old Kills 17 Copperheads with Shovel, Shotgun

A fearless 72-year-old Oklahoma woman is making headlines after she killed 11 copperhead snakes that were hiding underneath her house.

According to WTVD, Susan Thompson was enjoying a visit with her neighbor, Mrs. Newby, when they made a terrifying discovery. A huge pile of snakes were slithering under her home. This would be a pretty frightening sight for most people, but Mrs. Newby was ready to take action. She used a shotgun, a shovel, and a rake handle to kill all 11 snakes by herself.

Thompson took a photo of Mrs. Newby's drive where all the defeated snakes were laid out like trophies.

But Mrs. Newby wasn't going to stop there. She kept an eye out for more unwanted visitors. Over the weekend, Thompson shared an update saying that as of July 30, Mrs. Newby had killed 17 copperheads on her property.

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It's unclear if she's managed to clear out the entire snake population around her house. But you can bet Mrs. Newby won't hesitate to take out any more copperheads that slither her way.

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