Twitter: 70s Dinner Party

20 Old-School Food Advertisements That'll Make You Totally Cringe

Every decade has a slew of food trends that come and go as often and reliably as the change of seasons. The 1980s saw the popularity of Italian staples like polenta, sun-dried tomatoes, and Merlot. The 1990s saw a rise in dessert sushi and mango salsa. The early 2000s evolved into a craft beer renaissance and people everywhere were eating watermelon with feta and mint during the summer. 2018 is seeing a plethora of turmeric recipes and a surge in popularity for oat milk. However, all of these food trends evolved from the very scary era of food trends during the post-war years where Jell-O and mayonnaise reigned supreme. Welcome to the 70s Dinner Party, have a seat.

The Twitter account, run by Anna Pallai, collects old food advertisements and recipes that features things like greying hardboiled eggs, meatloaf, and many, many Jell-O creations. You can find her book here, and to see some of the best tweets, keep on reading.

1. Turn your crudite platter into a garden. Literally.

2. Maraschino cherries, cauliflower, and broccoli: Made for each other.

3. Jellied beef broth for you and you and you!

4. There's definitely peas, but everything else is questionable.

5. "Easy" garnishes, right.

6. No wonder we're all afraid of the Easter Bunny photos.

7. Mondays are for Banana Meatloaf.

8. Peach Party Loaf is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like.

9. Once upon time, peaches paired with mayo.

10. I've seen current hot dogs worse than this...

11. Guess you better save your pineapple tops?

12. What do you reckon is in the middle?

13. I'll have the grapefruit with a scoop of beans, please.

14. I can't caption this better myself.

15. Even roasted pigs deserve a crown.

16. Why eat your stew vegetables when you can stack 'em?

17. This is totally doable at home.

18. Queso with a face-o.

19. Bonus points if you sprinkle cricket dust over it.

20. Cottage cheese will never live this photo down.

Have you ever had any of these wild and wacky recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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