7 Unusually Named Georgia Towns You Won't Believe Are Real

You don't have to look too hard throughout this state to find towns with odd names. In fact, unusually named Georgia towns are quite common.

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When we say unusual, we don't mean tribal names or names after landmarks that are very difficult to pronounce. We mean there's folklore behind the stories.

Ever receive a postcard from Santa Claus? Do you know what a Jot Em Down store is, or why there's a community named for that? How about The Rock having its name due to a celebrity, but not the one you think?

Here are seven communities in the state that have really unusual town names. Some are suburbs, others are communities you could pass in a blink of an eye. All of these communities, despite their unusual names, help make the Peach State as wonderful as it is.

Other Unusually Named Georgia Towns:

In addition, here are a few more oddly named towns that didn't quite make the list:

  • Between: Also in Walton County, the town is named for its location between Atlanta or Athens, or Loganville and Monroe.
  • Benevolence: In Randolph County, the town, much like Hephzibah, is named for a church of the same name founded nearby.
  • Snapfinger: Located just outside of the Atlanta Perimeter in DeKalb County, Snapfinger is named for a creek that runs through the commuity.
  • Ty Ty: Just outside of Tifton in Tift County, Ty Ty is named for a nearby creek noted for its Ty Ty trees.

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7 Unusually Named Georgia Towns You Won't Believe Are Real