7 Unbelievably Easy Spooky-Chic Mason Jar DIYs

Mason jars capture way more than the sweet, summery flavors of cherry and peach jam.

These adorable staples can also trap the essence of fall and Halloween. Whip up a quick dessert to hand out to guests or concoct a chic lighting design. These enchanting DIY crafts will keep your house looking classy and spooky all at once.

6. Lacy Luminaries

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Turn your walkway or your mantel into a Victorian-inspired sanctuary with these adorable lacy luminaries from Just a Girl and Her Blog. You just need a little lace, craft glue and some tea candles.

5. Spooky Black Vase


Did someone bring over a fresh bouquet of flowers? Keep the spooky October theme alive by creating this dark vase in just a matter of minutes. Paint the jar with black paint and set in place with some craft paint sealant. You’re ready to go!

4. Graveyard Jar Cake

Noble Pig

These sweet little cakes are perfect for a children’s party or a Halloween theme at the office. The Mason jars make for the perfect, personalized serving size. Learn more at Noble Pig.

3. Sweet Fall Vases


Create these bright, light and shabby-chic vases, perfect for the mantel or tabletop all the way through Thanksgiving. Paint them with a vintage white shade, sand slightly and stencil on your own personalized message. Swap out the flowers with some tea lights or candy bars for a quick variation.

2. Spooky Cobweb Lanterns


Give your doorstep a little Halloween vibe with these spooky, flickering lanterns. You only need a few fake cobwebs, some cheese cloth and electric tea candles to transform some plain jars into magical lighting.

1. Glowing Spider Jars


These Mason jar makeovers make sweet night lights, window lights or centerpieces for the table. Switch out the fake spiders and cobwebs with fall leaves, pinecones or orange stones for versatile, holiday-themed lighting.

Bonus: No-Bake Pumpkin Jar Cheesecake

Pinterest/A Night Owl Blog

For those who want a sweet treat to hand out but don’t want to turn on the oven, these simple pumpkin cheesecakes tick all the boxes. The genius over at A Night Owl crushes up some graham crackers, mixes up a filling and finishes it off with a whipped topping for a super seasonal treat.

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7 Unbelievably Easy Spooky-Chic Mason Jar DIYs