7 Tiny Houses You Can Purchase Online With The Click Of A Button

These days it seems like you can buy anything online. Groceries, clothes, you name it you can buy it. But did you know you can purchase small homes, aka a tiny house. Blame it on the American TV show Tiny House Nation, or millennials looking to downsizing their digs to join a tiny house community. Ready and waiting for your order, with the simple click of a button you can be the proud new homeowner of a tiny home.

Now when I say the click of a button, I really do mean the click of a button. This isn't like scrolling through a tiny company website like the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company or New Frontier, where you'll find a small space home you like and contact the dealer. I mean you can add these tiny houses to your online shopping cart and proceed directly to checkout. Sounds crazy I know, but these houses exist and we've got the top six to prove it. Be forewarned, you may be tempted to go off-grid and become a complete minimalist of the tiny house living.

1. Wanderlust

Size: 124 square feet

Price: $22,000 plus shipping

Like a tiny house hotel on wheels, this beautiful handmade home in the USA constructed out of charred red cedar comes fully stocked and ready for you to hit the road. The tiny home builders really had the traveler type in mind. Some amenities you will enjoy are a full-size deep kitchen sink, a rain barrel shower, RV hookups for RV parks, and a built in sleeping loft to maximize space. As a bonus, the interior features shou sugi ban siding which is a Japanese wood charring technique that not only looks stunning but makes the wood more fire and rot resistant.

2. Journey Wilder

Size: Not listed

Price: $23,000

Want to fix up the interior yourself? Take a look a this tiny home. Equipped with a fully finished exterior of natural wood siding and a metal shed style roof, the interior is waiting for your special touch. Big enough to sleep a family of four, this is a fun project for the whole family to get involved in. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about loading them up in the RV for the family vacation. Whether you're beaching in California, going cross the country to North Carolina, chasing the waterfalls in Portland, Oregon, visiting the Rockies in Colorado, or trekking to the Adirondacks in New York, you can take the home with you.

FYI, if you live in Grandbury, Texas or anywhere nearby you can swing on buy and schedule a view time.

3. Colonial Pinehurst

Size: Up to 288 square feet

Price: $6,315.34

You can have your own cottage style tiny home with this DIY shed kit. It comes with everything you need to have a fancy Colonial-themed house minus the enormous real estate cost. While it does come in several sizes, I recommend maxing out making it a 288 square foot home. You could even go smaller and use it as a quaint guest house.

4. Lillevilla Allwood Cabin

Size: 292 square foot

Price: $18,800

Missing that weekend cabin getaway? Make it a permanent vacation with the Allwood Cabin kit. The lofted interior floor plan maximizes sleeping space while the downstairs has a  living room and two separate rooms you can make to your liking. I have a feeling the kids are going to love living the tiny life in this one.

5. Garden House

Size: 180 square feet

Price: $7,590

Cozy contemporary sums up this small slice of tiny living heaven. The large windows allow natural light to shine in, creating a more roomy feel. Imagine plopping this down on a piece of property with a nice oceanic or breathtaking forested panoramic view.

6. Garden House Studio Cabin

Size: 172 square feet

Price: $7,250

If you spend most your time outdoors and interior square footage is not a matter, then take a look at this. The Garden House Studio Kit comes with everything you need for a tiny living space and an outdoor living space as well. Set up a grill on the deck, make a cozy patio seating, or turn it into an outdoor movie theater. Any way you do it up, this will be a fun place to entertain friends in a beautiful outdoor setting.

7. Parkitechture

Tiny life calling your name? Take a look at the Parkitecture. The inside comes fully finished so if you're not particularly handy you won't have to worry about things like insulation or building loft stairs that double as your storage. It already has cedar siding, hickory floors, a shower, toilet, and Whirlpool oven range and refrigerator. So if you're chomping at the bit to move into a pre-fab ready tiny home, pack up your stuff and get cozy inside this. It's also built on a bumper pull trailer so you can haul off this small house to the scenic destination of your choice and forget all that park model RV living. After all, that's what the tiny house lifestyle is all about.

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