7 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Cleaning a Lot More Fun

Ready for some spring cleaning? Try these amazing cleaning hacks.

Spring is in the air, and that means it's time for some serious spring cleaning. Here are our favorite hacks to make the process a little easier - and maybe even fun!

7. Use a lint roller to dust difficult furniture or lampshades


How smart is this? If dusty lampshades are keeping your lights from shining their brightest, try removing the dust with a lint roller. Pinner Hajnal found the idea on Babble, and the same trick works for hard-to-clean furniture like sofas or recliners.

6. Make your own laundry soap

Pinterest/Jaleesa Gainey

Looking for a way to save money on washing clothes and add a pretty decoration to your laundry at the same time? Pinner Jaleesa Gainey recommends this homemade detergent recipe from Aprons & Pearls - you can even give the soap some creative branding by sticking a sweet chalkboard label on the glass container.

5. Use your favorite body wash to clean your shower

shower cleaning
Pinterest/Ashleigh Murphy

Rather than spending money on abrasive shower cleaners that leave a buildup of soap scum and a harsh scent behind, why not put your favorite body wash on double duty? You already have it in the shower, and it's technically designed to act as a "detergent" anyway. This genius idea comes from Buzzfeed via pinner Ashleigh Murphy. 

4. Use orphaned fuzzy socks as the perfect duster

sock duster
Pinterest/Debbie Zeelie

Kill two birds with one stone with this brilliant cleaning hack. If you've lost the mate for one of your favorite fuzzy socks and your floors are in need of a good dusting, use the sock you have left as a replacement for the sheets on your wet/dry mop. If you ever do find the matching sock, you can always pop them both in the wash and reuse. Pinner Debbie Zeelie found this idea from First for Women.

3. Keep puzzles and games together with dollar store containers

game organization

If you're constantly finding random playing cards around your house or can never seem to finish a puzzle because you have too many missing pieces, try this simple storage solution. Keep all puzzle/game components in cheap dollar store containers, and print out a label so you know what's inside. Pinner Gina sourced this idea from All for the Love of Teaching.

2. Turn cleaning into a game for young children

clean game kids
Pinterest/Miranda Meyer

Instead of treating chores like an immense burden for your child, why not turn them into something fun? There are plenty of cleaning-related games out there, but this one is particularly smart: Outline one tile in your kitchen with masking tape, and challenge your kids to sweep all the dust and crumbs on the floor into that square only. Pinner Miranda Meyer found this idea from Buzzfeed.

1. Line refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap for easy cleaning

shelf clean

The fridge always seems to be one of the hardest things to keep clean, but not anymore! Pinner Paola found this creative fix from Lifehacker: Just line your shelves with an adhesive plastic wrap (think Glad Press n' Seal), and when things start to get messy, remove the liners, replace and repeat.

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7 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Cleaning a Lot More Fun