7 Southern Cemeteries That Are Rumored to Be Haunted

The South is full of historic cemeteries with spooky stories. Here are seven of the South's most haunted cemetaries.

7. Rock & Roll Cemetery, Ocean Springs, Miss.

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The Rock & Roll Cemetery is a small, nondescript burial ground near Back Bay and Fort Bayou. Claims report strange sounds and shadows throughout the Ocean Springs, Miss. cemetery. Rustling of leaves, shadows and low growls can also be heard at night.

The name of the cemetery stems from its reputation as a place for local teenagers to party.

6. Oakwood Cemetery, Spartanburg, S.C.

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With the reputation as one of South Carolina's most haunted places, Oakwood Cemetery is also known as Hell's Gate Cemetery. Satanists are thought to hold ceremonies on the cemetery grounds and there have been several cases of graves being disturbed and bodies dug up.

One of the spookiest reports includes the almost immediate draining of cellphone and camera batteries once guests enter into the cemetery.

5. Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Ala.

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It is reported that in one of the family crypts at this Alabama cemetery stands an antique rocking chair, one of the favorite possessions of a lady buried inside. Now, we can try to blame it on the wind, but when you stand outside the crypt you can reportedly hear the rocking chair rocking inside.

The cemetery isn't necessarily the only scary part of this place. The playground, near the cemetery, otherwise known as "Dead Children's Playground" helps entertain the children laid to rest in the cemetery. The ghosts of the children have been reported to swing on the swing sets and laughter and the sounds of children's voices can be heard at night.

4. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, La.


Founded in the 1700s, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest existing cemetery in New Orleans and the most haunted. While the cemetery is home to many prominent families, particularly the Creole population, one of its most famous residents is Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, whose grave is covered in Voodoo markings.

Marie Laveau has been reported to wander around the cemetery wearing a red and white turban with seven knots in it and mumbling an original New Orleans Santeria Hoodoo Voodoo curse to cemetery visitors.

3. City Cemetery, Kosciusko, Miss.


After Laura Kelly's death in the late 1800s, her husband, who was extremely distraught, commissioned a statue to be built in her memory at the local City Cemetery. Mr. Kelly wanted the statue to look as realistic as possible.

Once the statue was built, Mr. Kelly also added a third story to his home so he could view the statue of his beloved wife. Several reports claim that at times Mrs. Kelly appears to be weeping.

2. Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Miss.


Friendship Cemetery is known for several reasons, one of them being the place where Memorial Day originated. A year after Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Grant, the ladies of Columbus decorated the graves of the Confederate and Union soldiers buried in the cemetery, starting a tradition that has lasted till this day.

It has been said that the ghost of a Confederate soldier can be seen at night patrolling the graves of the Civil War soldiers buried at this Mississippi cemetery.

1. Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Ga.

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Though it isn't the oldest cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, the Bonaventure Cemetery is the most popular and haunted cemetery in the river town.

More than 150 years old, the cemetery is the final resting place for many well-known people throughout the south, including military generals and authors. One of the most talked about grave sites, however, is that of 6-year-old Gracie Watson, who died of pneumonia. A statue was carved in her honor and stands in front of  her grave. There have been reports of those who have gone to visit her grave seeing the young girl. Other people have reported seeing blood tears streaming down the statue's face.

Other reports claim spooky sounds are also noticeable at this historic site, with babies crying, infants giggling and dogs barking.

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7 Southern Cemeteries That Are Rumored to Be Haunted