7 Songs for Your Spring Cleaning Playlist

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore with this upbeat playlist.

Need some extra motivation when you organize that messy closet? These seven country songs are perfect for when it comes time for spring cleaning!

7. "Honey Bee" - Blake Shelton

Every cleaning session needs a happy song, and this one definitely puts a smile on everyone's face. The April 2011 - hello, spring - single is just a solid song, too. It's the fastest song ever to be certified gold by a male solo artist.

Sample Lyric: "If you'll be my soft and sweet, / I'll be your strong and steady / You be my glass of wine, / I'll be your shot of whiskey"

6. "Freestyle" - Lady Antebellum


Need to get going? Lady A's upbeat song is different than most of their hits, but it's sure to get your mops moppin' and your dusters dustin'. Press play on this and you'll look like you're in a scene straight out of "Risky Business."

Sample lyric: "We can do it old school, ABC style / Maybe we can go a little wild and freestyle"

5. "Alright" - Darius Rucker


Rucker proved critics wrong with this song, making it his third No. 1 single in a row. You should be able to get your place clean while listening to this song, no matter how messy it is. Everything will be alright.

Sample Lyric: "I got a roof over my head / the woman I love layin' in my bed/ and it's alright, alright."

4. "How Am I Doin'" - Dierks Bentley


This throwback Dierks Bentley hit is sure to get your blood pumping while cleaning out all that baggage under the bed. This feisty song will definitely motivate you to get past the deep cleaning part of your day.

Sample Lyric: "How am I doin' since you did, what you done to me/Girl don't lie I know you cried /'Cause you know how good it used to be."

3. "Suds in the Bucket" - Sara Evans


Obviously, this Sara Evans song had to be on the list. Sure, the song talks about leaving the suds in the bucket and clothes hanging on the line when a woman runs off to Vegas - but what is cleaning without some suds and some laundry?

Sample Lyric: "Our little pony-tailed girl grown up to be a woman / Now she's gone in the blink of an eye / She left the suds in the bucket / And the clothes hangin' out on the line"

2. "I Wanna Talk About Me" - Toby Keith


When you're cleaning your crib, it's obviously for you. You're almost finished tidying up, and now it's time for some "me time." This raucous Toby Keith hit was when the singer really kicked it up a notch in his career. Now, how about turning your cleaning skills up a notch?

Sample lyric: "I like talking about you, you, you, you, usually/But occasionally/I wanna talk about me"

1. "Party for Two" - Shania Twain


Whether you're having a soiree with all your closest friends or just a "party for two," this fun Shania Twain/Billy Currington duet is a must-add to any spring cleaning playlist. The song debuted at No. 39 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts, Twain's third highest debut of all time.

Sample lyric: "It doesn't matter what you wear/'Cause it's only gonna be/You and me there"

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7 Songs for Your Spring Cleaning Playlist