7 Rules for Dating My Daughters, as Told by Tim McGraw

Family man Tim McGraw has some strict rules when it comes to his daughters' dating lives.

He and wife Faith Hill are parents to daughters Gracie, Maggie and Audrey, who are all old enough to start getting the attention of possible suitors.

In anticipation of this, McGraw came up with seven essential rules that must be followed by anyone brave enough to date a child of country music royalty. According to a recent interview with EXTRA, his list is as follows:

1. They have to come to the house.
2. They have to meet me.
3. They have to pick them up.
4. They have to come inside.
5. They have to talk to me.
6. They have to talk to their mom.
7. No honking and running out.

For such a big star, these rules seem pretty straightforward and reasonable.

However, McGraw still knows how to put a little fear into these boys. When a young man came to take one of his daughters on a date for the first time, McGraw was prepared.

"I had a big butcher knife when I answered the door," he said. "It wasn't on purpose, but it worked out well."

Kudos to McGraw, who seems like he has got this whole dad role figured out pretty well.

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7 Rules for Dating My Daughters, as Told by Tim McGraw