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7 Nashville Food Trucks You Have to Try

Nashville is famous for more than just music -- don't miss these food trucks next time you're in town.

Everybody loves a good food truck, and Nashville has some of the best. On your next trip to Music City, be sure to grab some grub on the go from one of these seven spots.

7. Riddim N' Spice

Easily one of the most flavorful and fun new food trucks in town, Riddim N' Spice serves the best smoked jerk chicken in Music City, along with plenty of vegan-friendly options. Can you handle the heat?

Don't miss: The Island Bowl - a mix of jerk chicken, corn, onions, cheese and other island flavors.

6. Riffs Fine Street Food

A local favorite, Riffs has been named one of the 101 best food trucks in the country by The Daily Meal twice. In 2015, they are launching a second food truck to focus exclusively on Korean flavors, while their main truck will continue serving a variety of Southern delights.

Don't miss: Korean BBQ tacos - Bulgogi beef, gochujang BBQ sauce, shredded cabbage, kimchi aioli and ginger scallion salsa.

5. I Dream of Weenie

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Admit it: Just the name of this food truck puts a smile on your face, and their delicious hot dogs will do the same. Housed in a quirky VW bus and located in the heart of East Nashville, I Dream of Weenie features a rotating menu of special items called "Daily Dreams" - be sure to try them all.

Don't miss: The Rebel Yelp - A hot dog served with jalapenos, mustard, red onions and spicy Tennessee chowchow

4. Moovers & Shakers

Started by two college students in 2011 as part of a business competition for Belmont University, Moovers & Shakers is "Nashville's first mobile soda parlor." Come for the milkshakes; stay for the pun-tastic names like "Don't Go Bacon My Heart" (chocolate with peanut butter and bacon).

Don't miss: The Songwriter - A strawberry rhubarb shake with vanilla extract and strawberry syrup.

3. Hoss' Loaded Burgers

A burger stuffed with melted cheese is the ideal indulgence after a long morning of sightseeing around Nashville. Just don't expect to get too much done in the afternoon - we bet you'll want a nap after a meal from Hoss'!

Don't miss: The Hoss (naturally) - A burger stuffed with cheddar and topped with bacon, onion crispers, hickory smoke BBQ sauce and cilantro.

2. Retro Sno

The perfect treat for a hot summer day, Retro Sno is a Nashville favorite for adults and kids alike. The truck takes shaved ice to the next level with its sophisticated flavor combinations, including Frozen White Mocha and Strawberry Lemonade.

Don't miss: Raspberry Wedding Cake - The perfect marriage of tart raspberry with sweet almond flavors and condensed milk.

1. The Grilled Cheeserie

The Grilled Cheeserie's mouth-watering sandwiches have enough melted, gooey cheese to remind you of your childhood without being heavy or greasy. Lines for this truck are known to last for hours - and be totally worth it.

Don't miss: Pimento Mac & Chee - Housemade pimento cheese with local cheddar, macaroni, Benton's bacon bits and sliced tomato on country white bread. It doesn't get more Southern than that!

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7 Nashville Food Trucks You Have to Try