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7 Incredibly Creative and Unique Chicken Coops


Even in the middle of a big city, more and more chicken coops are popping up in backyards across the country. While most chicken coops are basic wooden structures, some people get quite creative in designing homes for their feathered friends. You'll be amazed at these unique chicken coops, some of which actually rival human houses.

This cottage style chicken coop comes complete with a little lookout tower and weathervane. With clean white trim and gorgeous windows, this chicken coop looks like a tiny replica of a modern, upscale home.

Unique Chicken Coops
BackYard Chickens

Most homes don't have their own fountains at the entrance, but this fancy chicken coop has one right in front of its own front porch.

Unique Chicken Coops

The Eggcelsior might take the cake for unique coops. This hen hotel is styled as an old Western saloon complete with a tin roof porch.

Unique Chicken Coops
Backyard Chickens

Looking like it belongs tucked away in a secret garden, this rustic chicken coop is simply beautiful.

Unique Chicken Coops
Southern Living/Rob Brinson

This reclaimed garden shed chicken coop looks like it came right out of a fairytale, and the overgrown tower adds charm to the little hen home.

Unique Chicken Coops

This could be the most interesting chicken coop we've ever seen. The owner reworked the frame of a VW Beetle and added chicken wire for their hens.

Unique Chicken Coops

You don't see Cape Cod style chicken coops like this every day. The clean, solid white design gives off a classy and elegant feel that makes a great backyard addition.

unique chicken coops
Country Living/Ray Kachatorian

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7 Incredibly Creative and Unique Chicken Coops