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Kiddie Pools to Toilet Bowls: 7-11 Bring Your Own Cup Day was Legendary

7-Eleven is more than just a convenience store; it's also the creator of one of America's favorite things- the slurpee! This sweet, colorful, slushy drink is an iconic experience that we should all have at least once. Slurpee fans are well acquainted with the array of flavors, the brain freeze, and the Free Slurpee Day that occurs every year. Another slurpee-related holiday of the past was Bring Your Own Cup Day, which got out of hand for a hilarious reason.

Bring Your Own Cup Day

The biggest fans of 7-Eleven are 7rewards members, which gives freebies and promotions to those who shop often at the iconic convenience store. You can check out to learn more. Most of us also remember the amazing BYOC Day that used to occur once a year, attracting slurpee fans from far and wide.

On BYOC Day, 7-Eleven offered to fill up any container brought in by a customer with a slurpee drink. The price was only $1.50, so slurpee lovers everywhere rejoiced at the chance to fill up anything they could find with their favorite slurpee flavor. However, 7-Eleven clearly didn't think the offer through and were unprepared for the lengths their fans went to drink a giant slurpee.

Slurpee enthusiasts across the country scoured their homes for the largest water-tight container they could find, from cookie jars to hollowed watermelons to punchbowls. However, some slurpee drinkers took it to a whole new level.

To get the most out of the freebie, customers brought in the largest leak-proof containers they could think of. Some brought in inflatable kiddie pools, while others carried toilet bowls, sleds and trashcans.

Here are some of our favorites:

After enough of the ridiculously large containers, 7-Eleven had to mandate its customers not to use things like kiddie pools on this legendary slurpee holiday, making a limit of 10-inch containers. To really take the fun out of it, the store posted a BYOC display cutout to enforce the rule. If your container doesn't fit upright in the circular cut-out, you can't fill it with your beloved slurpee drink. 7-Eleven also declared that the container needs to be food safe, so no ore shoes or electronics for all the crazed slurpee fans out there.


Despite its restrictions, BYOC Day at 7-Eleven continued to be a popular event, and the convenience store cleverly planned it to coincide with Black Friday in 2018. Jacob Barnes, the 7-Eleven senior category manager for proprietary beverages said "With BYOC, they can fill up with their favorite Slurpee drink to keep them going, whether it's back out with the crowds or back home to the couch."

That year even had its own social media hashtag #byocday2018, where you can see the many happy shoppers slurping down their favorite flavor. However, if you check out #byocday and scroll back to the good old days, before the size restrictions, you can see 7-Eleven slurpee fans living their best lives with their hilarious and creative containers.