7 Country Twists on Spring Fashion Trends

We’re willing to bet most country girls already have one or two of these on-trend pieces in their closets.

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time for women everywhere to clean out their winter wardrobes and make room for some new, fun fashion. Don’t miss these tips for taking 2015’s spring fashion trends from the runways to the honkytonks.

7. Gingham


When most people think of gingham prints and country living, it likely conjures up images of milking cows on the farm more than high fashion. To avoid the milkmaid look, choose more muted colors and pair your gingham pieces with elegant accessories. Taylor Swift’s dressy outfit is perfect for the office (and it hits another trend that was hot on this year’s runways – black and white).

6. Crop Tops


Bare midriffs have been popular on red carpets for a while now, but casual crop tops popped up everywhere from Michael Kors to Oscar de la Renta at Fashion Week this year. Pro tip: Keep it classy and opt for a “less is more” philosophy, like Lucy Hale does here.

5. White Out

In the past, wearing white before the summer months was a huge fashion faux pas, but designers like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton prominently featured all-white outfits in their spring runway shows this year. Taylor Swift’s music video for “Style” is basically a commercial for this trend, as the singer wears several all-white outfits throughout her performance. Try mixing textures or layering pieces to break up this monochromatic look.

4. Leather

Grand Ole Opry House 40th Anniversary - Show
Keepin It Country

We bet Miranda Lambert was excited when she heard about this trend for spring—has any country girl ever rocked a leather jacket (or leather pants, dresses and bustiers, for that matter) harder than she can? If you’re a little hesitant to embrace this trend, designers like Saint Laurent also incorporated leather in their collections in more subtle ways, including wide leather belts and shorts.

3. Floral Prints

Floral prints are an obvious choice for spring, and country girls wear them especially well. The feminine print is a perfect complement to cowboy boots or jeans. Rather than going for a straight floral design, abstract florals like Jana Kramer’s dress in “Why Ya Wanna” are a little more modern.

2. Denim

While denim never goes out of style in country fashion, it’s making a big comeback on the runways this year. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Bottega Veneta showcased the all-American fabric in their spring collections. Take inspiration from Maddie & Tae’s “Girl in a Country Song” video—no, we don’t mean the guys running around in cutoff shorts! Tae’s denim vest paired with a flowy white skirt and cowboy boots is a perfect example of how to wear this trend correctly.

1. Bohemian Chic

Flickr/Larry Darling

Designers at Fashion Week must have paid Nashville a visit for this trend, as it seems just about every female artist playing rounds on Broadway is rocking the “boho chic” look these days. Flowy tops, fringe details and headbands are all key components of this style—if it looks like you could pull it out of Carrie Underwood’s closet, you’re doing something right.

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7 Country Twists on Spring Fashion Trends