7 Most Bizarre Laws in the South

Here are seven bizarre laws that are still on the books in the South.

Flipping coins, delivering pizzas and a game of pinball may seem like harmless acts. However, there are quite a few strange laws in the South. Whether you're a resident or just on vacation, here are seven bizarre southern laws you should know about.

7. You can't eat fried chicken with anything other than your fingers in Gainsville, Georgia

According to Kitchen Daily, a woman was actually arrested on her 91st birthday for eating fried chicken with a fork, rather than her fingers. The woman's friend set up the arrest as a prank so the charges were immediately dropped. However, it remains a city ordinance in Gainsville.

6. You must bathe at least once per year in Kentucky

Maybe this should be a law in every state? Apparently, Kentucky lawmakers were once so concerned about the hygiene of their state that they decided to put a law in the books.

5. Barbers cannot advertise the price of a haircut or any other services in Georgia

Sometimes you don't know what to expect when you go to a barbershop. In Georgia, you really have no idea what you're getting into because barbers are not allowed to advertise their prices or services.

4. Minors can't play pinball in South Carolina

If you're a minor on vacation in South Carolina, steer clear of the pinball machines. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, the law is nullified, and authorities are not likely to ID a pinball player; however, it remains on the books.

3. No one is allowed to have a pair of pliers on them at any time in Texas

If you're a handyman, Texas may not be the best place to live. According to state law, it's illegal for anyone to have a pair of pliers on them at any time.

2. It's illegal to flip a coin to determine who will buy the coffee in Richmond, Virginia

Heads or tails? If you can't decide who's buying coffee, you should flip a coin before you leave the house. In Richmond, Virginia, the 50/50 flip to determine who buys is unlawful.

1. It is unlawful to have pizza delivered to a friend in Louisiana

If you're in the state of Louisiana, think twice before surprising your friend with a pizza at their doorstep. "It is unlawful to order goods or services to be delivered to a person without them knowing," according to Kitchen Daily. A $500 fine could be tacked on to your pizza order.

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7 Most Bizarre Laws in the South