After 68 Years, Even a Hospital Can’t Keep This Couple Apart

One hospital worker’s kind gesture brought joy to a bedridden couple of 68 years.

According to WSBTV, Tom Clark, 96, and his wife, Arnisteen, 92, have only been apart once during their almost seven-decade long marriage.

The Fayetteville, Ga. couple were separated when Clark was stationed overseas in Korea while serving in the U.S. Army. When he and his wife had to be checked into Piedmont Fayette Hospital, the couple had to be placed in separate rooms.

Tina Mann, a hospital worker, got word of their incredible story and jumped into action. With the help of the hospital’s clinical staff, Tom was able to lay side-by-side with his beloved Arnisteen once again. He burst into tears upon being reunited with his wife.

“I just can’t be away from her,” Tom said. “She’s the finest woman in the world.” After getting permission from the couple, the hospital shared their amazing love story on Facebook. In just a few days, the story has been liked over 10,000 times and shared by more than 2,000 people.

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Due to health regulations, the Clarks cannot be placed in the same room permanently. However, the staff say they are committed to making visits happen between the couple as often as possible. We hope these two have speedy recoveries and return to each others’ sides as soon as possible.

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After 68 Years, Even a Hospital Can’t Keep This Couple Apart