Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Commission

67 Gallons of Moonshine Seized from Bootlegger's Home

We love moonshine here at Wide Open Eats. In fact, we've developed countless recipes for moonshine infusions that we keep in our pantries all year. However, as much as we love pure 'shine from the mountains, we also know that it is technically illegal to distill at home, which is why we never recommend messing with the law. And most don't anymore, or they're quite careful at hiding it. When was the last time you heard about a moonshine bust, anyways?

Well, bootleggers have never been ones to follow the rules, and the same can be said of Winston Delano Terry, a 73-year-old man living on the Virginia-Tennessee border, the subject of the recent moonshine bust from local law enforcement. As local station WSLS reported, the four-month investigation culminated in a raid where "agents seized 67 gallons of moonshine, 22 firearms, and a 2011 Kia Soul" in Jonesville, Virginia. The photo above of the mason jars and firearms is just the beginning.

There were no reports of obtaining the moonshine still, presumably buried deep in the Virginia or Tennessee hills. The investigation was a dual effort between the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Virginia Department Alcoholic Beverage Control. As ABC Special Agent Steve Baffuto told news stations,

"The bust was the direct result of information supplied by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission's Enforcement Section. Our undercover operatives made numerous buys during the past several months, culminating in the enforcement activity."

While the details of the charges against Terry have not been released, agents expect to charge him with felony and misdemeanor indictments for the moonshine operation. So it seems the 'shine ain't worth the trouble. One has to wonder, though, just how potent his concoction was, and how good it might've tasted infused with pecans.

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