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This 6-Year-Old Texas Girl is Designing Her Own Line of Remarkable Jewelry

You can tell by her name that jewelry is the destiny of this Texas girl.

Six-year-old Sterling Harter has been designing jewelry in Tyler, Texas, alongside her grandmother Deborah Harter for two years now.

It all began when the elder Harter saw little Sterling doodling a pattern of three crosses in chalk on the driveway.

"That was my very first design 17 years ago," Harter told KETK in Tyler of the trio of crosses.

So when Harter asked Sterling if she wanted to join her in designing jewelry the youngster responded, "YaYa, that would be a lovely idea."

The Harters' jewelry store is called Sterling Grace, and the name is perfect for the designs, which are faith-based Christian designs.

Facebook/Sterling Grace
Facebook/Sterling Grace

Some of Sterling's designs include inspirations from the story of Jonah and the Whale, the book of Esther, and even the movie Frozen. Each design is sketched out by Sterling, and the sketch is then carved in wax before being turned into a production mold which is then used to produce each piece.

The Harters have a deep connection with their faith. Every jewelry piece comes with a corresponding bible verse that helped to inspire it in hopes that the buyer will feel inspired as well. Sterling Grace is located in Tyler, Texas at the Village at Cumberland Park. To learn more about Sterling Grace visit their website here.

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This 6-Year-Old Texas Girl is Designing Her Own Line of Remarkable Jewelry