6 Ways to Use Your KitchenAid Mixer Every Day

Don't let your dream Christmas present collect dust!

We are all familiar with the magic that is a KitchenAid stand mixer. It's the center of attention in so many high-gloss photos of kitchens and foods. Women covet them and add them to their wedding registries. They are opened at bridal showers and holiday celebrations with glee and enthusiasm.

For the first few weeks, the KitchenAid gets all of the attention. It's the starting point for cupcakes, fresh bread, and pancakes. The shiny metal bowl gets washed with care and replaced each evening. You find yourself gazing at your reflection in its gleaming body.

And then one day, you don't pull it out lovingly and use it. And soon it sits on the counter, a relic of days past. Sometimes you even wonder why you wanted it in the first place.

Here are six ways to use your KitchenAid every day.

1. Brownies

Your KitchenAid isn't just for fancy baking projects that require you leaning over glossy cookbooks and organizing exotic ingredients. Sure, it's great for baking from scratch, but it makes any baking project easy. Try it the next time you make brownies.

Even if all you're doing is emptying a box of mix and cracking a few eggs, that paddle mixer will do all of the work. You'll be surprised that easy baking could get even easier.

This recipe for peppermint pattie brownies would be perfect for your KitchenAid, both for making the brownies and that delicious minty layer as the brownies cool.

2. No-Knead Pizza Dough

A stand mixer is great for all kinds of dough. The ones that are really challenging to work with - pizza and bread dough, for instance, come together much easier with the use of a KitchenAid.

Instead of ordering out next time you want some pizza, pull out the mixer and make your own. The mixer will make it painless, and it will taste amazing.

This recipe is designed for your mixer to do all the heavy lifting.

3. Whipped Cream

Whipping Egg Whites with Sugar in a Planetary Mixer

The whisk attachment for the KitchenAid is a godsend. With it, all you need to do is throw some cream, vanilla, and a little sugar into the mixer and in minutes you'll have the fluffiest whipped cream you've ever eaten.

Whether you're topping pies at a holiday dinner, or jut looking for a way to make dessert for the kids more special, it's hard to top homemade whipped cream.

Get the recipe here.

4. Shredding Chicken

Shredded chicken for the ingredient for Soto, the traditional Indonesian chicken soup

When taco night rolls around, pull out the KitchenAid. No, you're not going to make homemade tortillas (you could!). Instead, use the paddle attachment to break up your chicken breasts after cooking them.

Forget shredding it by hand, the KitchenAid will take care of it without hassle.

5. Pasta

Pasta dough is a tricky art form. It's also very messy. If you don't want to make a mess of your counter with a pile of flour and eggs, use the KitchenAid. It will mix the ingredients evenly and result in pasta that isn't too chewy or too dry.

If you want to get really crazy, you can purchase additional pasta accessories. Pasta rollers and cutters are available and can open the door to a whole variety of homemade pasta.

6. Chopping and Spiralizing

The KitchenAid is a great tool for any kitchen, and extra attachments are nice but not required. However, if you're going to buy an attachment for yours, the slicer/shredder tool is the one to get. This one gets the most use in my house.

I use it to shred cheese for pizza night, and grate cucumbers for tzatziki. It makes salads and veggie platters a quick task instead of an intense chopping endeavor. Without question, it saves more time in the kitchen than any other tool. And that means I have more time to really enjoy food - by eating it!

Additionally, because veggies are turning into a popular low-carb pasta noodle option, the spiralizer attachment is perfect for turning vegetables into noodles in a snap.

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