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This Award-Winning $6 Walmart Wine is Now Available Across U.S.

Wine drinkers who love a great bargain should take note of this award-winning brand that you can easily pick up on your next grocery shopping trip. The $6.96 bottle of red wine that won high honors over the summer is now available at 500 Walmart locations across the U.S.

When you think of fine wine, you probably don't consider the bottles you find on shelves at Walmart. Surprisingly enough, Decanter World Wine Awards named La Moneda Reserva's Malbec, a wine sold in the big box store, as its Platinum Best in Show back in June.

According to the Decanter World Wine Awards website, the wine competed against 16,000 other varieties from around the world in a blind taste test. La Moneda Reserva's Malbec is made by Asda, who is a subsidiary of Walmart. The brand's website describes the flavor as a mixture of "succulent juicy berries, freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yogurt and pepper spice."

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240 global judges and wine experts were present for the wine-tasting. They were most impressed with the company's ability to combine value and quality, saying it was the type of wine "consumers all over the world are interested in."

These judges don't take these awards lightly. They only give them when they feel completely confident in the wine.

Over the summer, wine fans everywhere flocked to their local Walmart in search of the wine, making it difficult to find in stores or online. But there's good news: you can buy it We can only hope the company quickly replenishes Walmart's supply as soon as possible.

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This Award-Winning $6 Walmart Wine is Now Available Across U.S.