6 Super Fun Nail Art Ideas for Country Gals

Country girl style is right at your fingertips.

If you're a country girl who spends a lot of time outdoors, you probably don't concern yourself with nail grooming. Your idea of a manicure is cleaning the dirt out from under your deer hunting, cow milking, tractor riding nails. But if you enjoy a well-polished set of nails for special occasions, you might need some ideas and inspiration.

If you're more of the indoor type, or perhaps a girlie southernista, you might have getting manicures on your "to do" list. Either way, country style nail designs are a great way to show off your southern lifestyle without having to compromise your own personal style.

Check out these super fun country style nail designs!

 6. John Deere Nails

Canadian Nail Fanatic

This nail design is perfect for the country girl who spends her days on the farm. You can represent your outdoor lifestyle with a girlie twist. Learn how to create this nail design by checking out the step by step tutorial here.

5. Bandana Nails

Nail Art by Dina

Show off those southern roots by sporting a bandana design on your nails. For a fun wild, wild west look, wear a simple denim sundress and an actual bandana to complete the look. Check out this bandana nail design "how to" here.

4.Horseshoe Nails

Nailed It NZ

If you love your horses, this nail design (or should I say, "neigh-l" design?) is for you. Show your four hoofed friends how much you love them by painting them on your nails. Find out how to create this look here.

3. Jack Daniels Nails

Nail Art Gallery

Any true country girl knows you can't go through life without Jack. But when you can't drink him, wear him! This nail design is super easy because it doesn't require any painting. You can buy the Jack Daniels decals and apply them to your nails. Get the decals here.

2. Country Plaid Nails


Are you mad about your country plaid? This nail design probably appeals more to the girlie girl. So if you're diggin' this nail design and you want to create it, check out the "how to" here.

1. Camouflage Nails

Whether you wear camo for hunting trips, or rock the print as part of your daily style, camouflage nails are seriously fun and seriously country. Check out this video tutorial on how to create a camouflage nail look...with some bling.

You don't have to dress in head to toe country clothing to be a true southernista. Sometimes, just a hint of country can make a big impression. Have fun trying out these super fun country nail designs! Your nails are going to look awesome.

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6 Super Fun Nail Art Ideas for Country Gals