6 Must-Do Tips for Cowboy Boot Care

Cowboy boots are meant to get dirty. However, if you don’t care for them properly you’ll get fewer years out of them. Treat your boots like the beautiful pieces of art they are and use these six tips to keep them lookin’ good and extend their lifespan. Long live your cowboy boots!

6. Remove dirt and dust after every wear


While dust seems harmless, it can actually be quite damaging to your boots. The gritty particles get into the cracks of the leather and over time begins to damage the finish. After wearing, simply apply some leather conditioner to a damp cloth and wipe down your boots.

5. Avoid blowdrying your boots

If your boots get wet naturally (rain, puddle stomping, day at the at the ranch, etc.) or you give them a good wipe down, resist the urge to dry them faster with a blow-drier! Leather is susceptible to cracking, so the heat won’t help. Have some patience and let your boots air-dry.

4. Use a boot jack to remove your boots

All us cowboy-boot-wearers out there know that removing boots can be quite the challenge. Instead of prying one boot off with the heel of the other and damaging the leather, get a boot jack to keep by your door. This will save you minutes of pulling and tugging and give your boots a longer lifespan.

3. Store your boots properly

Don’t create unnecessary and bothersome creases in your boots by storing them improperly. You can expect natural creases in the leather as the boot molds to your foot and walking style, but undesired creases can be avoided. If you know you won’t be wearing a pair of boots for a while, opt to use boot shapers to keep your boots properly shaped, or if you’re feeling creative you can also use stiff paper or liter bottles of soda to fill out the inside of your boots.

2. Use a boot bag when traveling

Instead of shoving your precious boots into an overpacked suitcase, put them safely into a travel bag and consider carrying them on the plane! This will help keep the shape of your boots in good form and prevent any creases.

1. Keep your boots away from pets

Flickr/Todd Dwyer
Flickr/Todd Dwyer

This tip goes without saying. Dogs love anything leather or that smells like wildlife…aka your cowboy boots are the perfect dog treat. Make sure to put them in a safe spot when you take them off so that you don’t come back to a boot massacre.

And there you have it. Your boots will be all smiles after following these cowboy boot care tips.

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6 Must-Do Tips for Cowboy Boot Care