Wine Bottle Chandeliers
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5 Wine Bottle Chandeliers You Can Make Before Christmas

I'm not always the most crafty person, but sometimes DIY is the way to go. If you haven't seen a wine bottle chandelier before — you're welcome. This is one of the coolest crafts out there and you get to use the empty wine bottles that you probably already have at home.

Fill up that wine glass and check out these five wine bottle chandeliers that can instantly elevate your home decor before Christmas. (They're that easy...if you follow the instructions):

1. Wine Bottle Pendant Light

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

These pendants are an easy Wine Bottle Chandelier craft. DIY Network.

This wine bottle pendant is perfect for smaller spaces and pretty easy to make as well. All you need are three wine bottles that you'll cut in half and fill with light bulbs. The end result looks like you bought it straight from the store. You almost can't even tell wine bottles are involved!

Find the instructions here.

2. Wine Bottle Wood Chandelier:

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

Use your extra wood to make this Wine Bottle Chandelier. DIY Network.

If you use barn wood or reclaimed wood with this bottle craft you could even create a slightly more rustic look with your empty wine bottles. Try this DIY project to make a statement in your dining or living room.

Find the instructions here.

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3. Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

This colorful Wine Bottle Chandelier is a fun DIY option. Saved By Love Creations.

Why not add a pop of color with your wine bottle lights? Don't worry, you don't have to wait around until you've collected enough colorful wine bottles. These just take a little bit of paint (your chance to get creative) and you've got your one-of-a-kind chandelier hanging above your kitchen island.

Find the instructions here.

4. Hanging Light Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

These hanging bottles make an interesting Wine Bottle Chandelier. Little Paths.

Honestly, this display is really cool. It looks like something you'd see in a department store (Makes sense, this blogger was inspired by a display from Anthropologie). This light fixture takes all your glass bottles and hangs them around the light. A great option if you don't want to put individual lights in every single bottle. This would be an excellent addition to a living or dining room.

Find the instructions here.

5. Hanging Candle Outdoor Chandelier

How pretty would a display of these hanging candles look above an outdoor dining table? This craft seems pretty easy since you just fill your empty bottles with candles instead of light bulbs.

Find the instructions in the video below:

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