5 Ways You and the Kiddos Can Beat the Summer Rain

Don't let the rain spoil your summer fun. A rainy day usually means sitting inside wishing for sunshine. It means the kids are stir-crazy and, frankly, so are you.

Try these options and embrace the rain. The kids will love doing something different. Get out and enjoy the weather, even the wet kind, with these rainy day activities.

1. Go for a Wet Walk

Walking in the Rain
Flickr/Bart Everson

Who says a walk in the rain can't be fun? It's just water. You'll all dry off later (Stack some towels at the door before you head out). On other days, the kids are begging to go to the water park or run through the sprinkler. This is nature's water park; and it's much cheaper.

2. Set up the Slip 'N Slide™

Slip n Slide WOC
Flickr/Fred Rockwood

Rain doesn't always mean cold. If the temperature is up even if the sunshine isn't, take advantage. Set up a Slip 'N Slide™. You won't have to mess with a hose or sprinkler. The rain does all the work.

Don't feel like paying big bucks for a Slip 'N Slide™? Take $10 to the hardware store and buy a roll of plastic sheeting. Once it's rolled out on a hill, you'll have DIY slide in no time.

3. Have a Boat Race

Toy Boats WOC
Flickr/free photos

A rain shower can create fun little streams where none usually flow: your driveway, the backyard, all sorts of places. These spots can make perfect raceways for toy boats.

Get out the bathtub toys, pool toys or make your own! They don't have to be fancy. Even if you just have a few water bottles, some duct tape and cardboard laying around, you can have yourself a boat in no time. Popsicle sticks work great too!

Water Bottle Boat WOC
PBS Crafts for Kids

Once you have your sea-worthy vessels ready, find those rain streams and set sail! Race multiple boats, time one boat's speed or simply enjoy watching your creation brave the perfect storm.

4. Go on a Rainbow Hunt

Rainbow WOC

Some people are storm chasers. You and the kids can be rainbow chasers.

Pull up the radar and set out for the chase. Get your cameras, phones and tablets ready to catch some rainbows. Make it a contest. Capture them with photos. Reward yourselves with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow hunt. Chocolate gold coins work well.

5. Create Your Own Mud Obstacle Course

Mud Run WOC
Flickr/Presidio of Monterey

Runners love these. Why not get your kids in on the action? These races are messy; so you may as well do them in the rain.

Get your neighbors and their kids involved and create a course that covers several back yards. Ideas for challenges:

  • Jump in and out of a kiddie pool
  • Fill a bucket with mud and create a "mud castle"
  • Army crawl through the mud
  • Catch rain in a cup and empty it into a container until the fill line is reached

Who wins? Everyone, for getting out and enjoying the day, despite the rain (or because of it)!

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5 Ways You and the Kiddos Can Beat the Summer Rain