5 Ways to Rock Country Camouflage

Camouflage is country cool, and you can rock country camouflage, no matter what your style is.

It might be intended to be worn in a way that disguises you, but camouflage is a print that also creates fashion statements that make you stand out in a crowd- and this is not a bad thing.

When most people think of camouflage, they probably think of members of the military, or hunters. But it’s time that we give camo more credit than that. It’s time we show people that camouflage can be fashionable and feminine.

Any southernista can pull off camo, and these five country camo looks are examples of how to wear the print. It’s time to show the world just how rockin’ camo can be.

Classic Country Camo

In traditional southern style, this look incorporates country basics like jeans, cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. The country camo tank is perfect for creating a camouflage look, and the belt adds a final dose of country style.

This would be something that an outdoorsy country girl wears on her day off from hunting. It’s a look that showcases your southern lifestyle without giving away too much.

Head to Toe Camo

On those days when hunting is part of the agenda, a camouflage jumpsuit, boots and baseball cap will do the trick. This is an instance where blending in with camouflage is important.

A look like this is not intended to be worn for other occasions. But hey, if you want to show off your country camo pride in head to toe camo, go for it!

Fringe Camo

You want to wear camouflage, but you also want to feel girlie. Pairing camouflage pants with fringe is the way to do that this year.
Fringe, ponchos and kimonos are all the rage right now, and by combining these pieces with a pair of masculine pants, you’ll create the perfect contrast for a fashionable camouflage look. Double the dose of fringe with some fringe-clad boots.

Plaid + Camo

If you want just a hint of camo, choose accessories with the print and wear them with your other country clothing in contrasting patterns. Mixing prints is a really fun and stylish way to add dimension to an outfit.

Throw a camo scarf over your favorite plaid shirt, or top a denim button down with a camouflage vest.

 Casual Camo

On the weekend, when you want to be comfortable but still sport some camouflage, go with a casual camo dress. Tone down the look with a denim jacket and downplay the country vibe with some ballet flats.

This look is girlie and casual, but still keeps the camouflage as the focus. It tells people that you are a fashionable southernista, but you still like to get your camo fix every now and then.

Camouflage is a classic country print that can be worn any time of year. Hopefully, these five looks have given you an idea of how to rock your camo.

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5 Ways to Rock Country Camouflage