5 Things We Learned From the Premiere of 'I Love Kellie Pickler'

I Love Kellie Pickler debuted on CMT last night, and it gave us an honest inside look at the busy life of Kellie and her husband, Kyle Jacobs... and Kellie's love of chickens. Here are five things we learned from the season premiere.

1. Kellie is full of one-liners

Something that won't come as a shock to anyone that watched Kellie grow on American Idol, Kellie had several one-liners in the debut episode. Some of the notable quotes? Kellie announcing that "Eggs are the chicken periods," telling a farmer that "it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission," and her revealing that eggs actually come from a chicken's "poop shoot".

2. Three's a crowd

While the new series revolves around the life of Kellie and Kyle, the couple actually have another resident staying in their Nashville home. The pilot episode also introduced us to the couple's friend, Daylan, who was staying with the Pickler-Jacobs while some plumbing works take place at his home. But while we learned Daylan was a welcome house guest (for the most part), it turns out three was most definitely a crowd when Kyle was looking for a little alone time with his busy wife.

3. Kellie's a true animal lover

Not surprisingly, Kellie has a big heart when it comes to animals of all shapes and sizes. Kyle revealed in the season premiere that the "Red High Heels" singer has opened her home to quite a few different creatures great and small in the past, including a raccoon, dogs, cats and even a snake.

4. Kellie loves chickens... but Kyle doesn't

After paying a visit to a friend's house and falling in love with a chicken named Laverne, Kellie attempts to convince Kyle that the couple should adopt chickens... but Kyle's not so keen. But after a little convincing, ("I'm not crazy about this whole chicken thing, but I love my wife, and I'm gonna support my wife," Kyle said) Kellie's husband finally caved and told his wife she could pick out two chickens to keep in the yard. However, Kellie just couldn't seem to resist, and those two chickens quickly turned into four feathered friends taking up residency in the yard.

5. Kellie isn't great with chickens

After Kellie and Kyle's house-guest, Daylan, decided to tape together a few sticks in the absence of a proper coop, Kyle quickly found himself chasing four escaped chickens around the yard. The lesson? Duct tape doesn't make such a great chicken coop adhesive, and if you need something doing right... don't ask Daylan.

I Love Kellie Pickler airs on Thursday nights on CMT at 10/9c.

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5 Things We Learned From the Premiere of 'I Love Kellie Pickler'