5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Vest This Summer

Add some flair to your wardrobe by making a fashionable in"vest"ment.

Some fashion pieces are meant to be worn for fun, and some are meant to be functional. A vest happens to be both fun and functional. It can serve as an accessory to an outfit, or provide additional layers and/or texture.

Need some ideas on how to style the vests in your closet? Here are five easy ways to wear a vest.

1. Denim Vest & Summer Dress

Penny Pincher Fashion

Take your favorite girlie summer dress, a pair of comfortable sandals and a cute hat, and throw a denim vest on top. You'll create a feminine, casual look perfect for a summer soiree.

2. Fringe Vest & Graphic Tank

Upbeat Soles

Look festival chic when you pair a fringe vest with cut-off denim shorts and a graphic tank. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots.

3. Leather Vest & Animal Print Boots

Style'd Avenue

Fringe and leather are both country fashion fabric staples. So if you're going to be wearing black pants and a tee, punch up your style with a leather fringe vest. For an extra touch of wild, throw on a pair of animal print boots.

4. Denim Vest & Blue Jeans

Natalie Dressed

Nothing says "classic country" like a good 'ol pair of blue jeans. Add a gingham print button down and ankle boots, and top with a denim vest for a traditional country look.

5. Fringe Vest & Colorful Dress

Fashion and Cookies

Add country elements to a more metropolitan outfit by throwing a fringe vest over a colorful, stylish dress. Bright heel sandals will provide a fun touch of vibrancy for summer.

These 5 ways to wear a vest should give you some ideas on how to style this fun and functional piece. Which of these looks most represents your personal style?

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5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Vest This Summer