5 Steps to Throwing an Unforgettable Field Party

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 A good field party combine two of life's greatest pleasures: parties and the great outdoors.

They're what every country song on the radio is about: bonfires, tailgates, and slipping off to the creek. If you've never thrown a classic field party, buckle up, and don't forget these crucial elements. But obviously, no matter how you do it, the most important thing is inviting all your friends, then you're guaranteed to have fun.

5. Food

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No party is a success without food, and lots of it! You don't need anything fancy - chips and so forth are simple to snack on. Bring a grill and get some burgers or hot dogs going. Make too many! There's nothing better than having drunk food on hand once those post-beer munchies set in. Don't forget to bring essentials like paper towels. After all, the person you're flirting with won't appreciate you getting barbecue sauce on their shirt.

4. Power

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You're going to need a way to blast music for hours on end, and power lights when the party runs into the night. While you could use batteries or your truck for power, try asking around it's likely at least one of your friends owns a generator. However, an absolute essential is a bonfire and that'll give you most of the light you need.

3. Music

Music is crucial; to quote Sam Hunt, "Love in the back of the truck with the tailgate down, just us and the speakers on." Come prepared with a banging playlist that has something for everybody and quality speakers. If you have talented friends, you could even pass a guitar around and rock out to some country tunes or some 90s jams. Bonus, if you're far enough out nobody can complain about how loud you make it.

2. Drinks

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This one probably goes without saying, but alcohol is the lifeblood of all parties. Though there should be a cooler dedicated to staying hydrated (stock that one full of mixers), you should probably bring some water too. If you've got a big group, just opt for a keg - it's way cheaper per drink, and everyone loves a good keg stand. Other large group options are making jungle juice: mix Everclear, Kool Aid, and fruit punch in a cooler with a bunch of ice. Jack and coke, firefly and sweet tea, and red bull vodkas are always clutch.

Bonus points if someone brings homemade 'shine.

Major bonus points.

1. Friends

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You need to maintain a balance here. Mind the guys to girl ratio, but don't forget to factor in how much space you have. You want to fill out your party area, but there should be adequate elbow room. Read: pick a large field, or don't pick night when it'll be cold too far from the bonfire.

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5 Steps to Throwing an Unforgettable Field Party