5 Noom Holiday Health Tips To Help You Reach Your Goal

Turkey, stuffing, ham, oh my! Overeating is very easy to do during the holiday season, especially with all the delicious holiday foods. But what if you could enjoy all of your favorites guilt-free? Noom, a diet app, is the answer. The Noom app is a weight loss app that helps users build healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle while enjoying their favorite foods— like sweet potato casserole! Following a few holiday health tips from Noom is all you need to have a healthy holiday.

5 Holiday Health Tips To Help You Reach Your Goal

Stick to Smaller Plates

When it comes to portion sizes during the holiday season, try to stick with a salad plate or appetizer plate for your main meal. When going around the table or the family buffet, load your plate with veggies before any of the other choices, like carbohydrate-heavy dinner rolls or mashed potatoes.

Take Out Your Holiday Stress

The holidays are stressful (not to mention the worry of COVID-19 spikes this year) which sometimes causes people to indulge. This year to make it a healthy holiday season by trading a winding down with a glass of wine with physical activity. Take an at-home kickboxing workout or walk the dogs around the neighborhood. You'll feel relaxed and accomplished for sticking with your healthy eating plan.

Communicate Health Goals with Family Members

?It's hard to stick with a diet when Grandma keeps bringing you plates of cookies. To avoid overeating, share with loved ones what your wellness goals are for the season. Who knows, they might join you and sign up for Noom too!

Help Prepare the Holiday Meal

The best way to have good eating habits is to have good cooking habits. Volunteer to bring a side or two to the next holiday party and make it filled with healthy foods. The entire party will be eating healthy without even realizing it.

Noom's blog has a variety of different recipes you can make, including these healthy baking recipes.


Let the Plate Sit

Grabbing another helping of macaroni and cheese is so tempting. To help curb your holiday eating, keep a hold of your plate and the "evidence" of what you ate (crumbs, crusts, and such). This trick will prevent you from grabbing a new plate and loading up.

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