5 New Songs You Need to Hear: Cam, Whitney Rose + More

Each week the Wide Open Country staff rounds up our favorite newly released country and Americana songs. Here are five new songs we can't stop listening to this week:

"I Am... I Said," Billy Ray Cyrus

Last year's unlikely crossover star Billy Ray Cyrus began 2020 with The Singin' Hills Sessions, Vol. 1: Sunset, a three-song EP of back-to-basics songs that should temporarily stifle tired arguments against Cyrus' country credibility. Shooter Jennings duet "Killing the Blues" may seem like the obvious song to champion, but we're sticking with Cyrus' cover of Neil Diamond's "I Am... I Said." It might just be the LA references in the song, but something about Cyrus' take on "I Am... I Said" is reminiscent of Glen Campbell's late-life, West Coast-flavored catalog of covers.

—Bobby Moore

"Love You Like I Used To," Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson's Valentine's gift to all of us is a good, old-fashioned power ballad. Although he sticks with modern production techniques and a familiar back beat, Dickerson pulls off the sort of half country love song, half guitar rock show-stopper associated with Tim McGraw. It's Dickerson's first single since three consecutive US Country Airplay No. 1 hits released in 2017-'18: "Yours," "Blue Tacoma" and ever-present hit "Every Little Thing."

—Bobby Moore

"California," Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers

How awesome was it go from being able to quote The Jerk as a kid ("He hates these cans!") to discovering that Steve Martin's role in modern bluegrass wasn't that of a novelty performer? The latest example of Martin's seriously good and sarcastically smart music teams him once again with the Steep Canyon Rangers. Like fellow funny guy John C. Reilly, Martin knows his stuff when it comes to bluegrass and folk music, and it shows.

—Bobby Moore

"Till There's Nothing Left," Cam

Two years out from the release of fan favorite "Diane," Cam returns with the sultry "Till There's Nothing Left." The song, which kicks off a new chapter for the "Burning House" singer, is about loving someone with everyone you have and embracing every fleeting moment. The video, which features the last moments in a honky-tonk apocalypse, was filmed at the Hitching Post Western Saloon in Portland, Tennessee.

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer

"Believe Me, Angela," Whitney Rose

On "Believe Me, Angela," Texas-based country artist Whitney Rose has a woman-to-woman talk with her husband's mistress. But rather than tear her down, she offers up some advice for the younger woman. "Just run away while you still can," Rose sings. "Shine your boots and wash your hands/ Find someone who's gonna stand by you." The song is the debut single from Rose's forthcoming album We Still Go to Rodeos (out on April 24, 2020).

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer 

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