5 Food Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You Eat Fruit

Forget everything you’ve ever known about the proper way to eat your favorite fruits and watch this video.

Ever wish eating fruit was easier? Feel like you waste more than you actually get to enjoy? This nine minute and thirty six second gem of a video, hosted by the infectiously enthusiastic YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker, is a game-changer. From aggressively hammering out pomegranate seeds to perfectly cubing out an entire watermelon, this guy knows how to get the most out of his fruits.

As someone who tends to question the validity of many YouTube how-to videos, I took it upon myself to try out CrazyRussianHacker’s tip for carving out an entire kiwi. After carefully following his instructions, I have to say it made the experience much more enjoyable and less messy. Although my excitement level of the finished result didn’t quite match CrazyRussianHackers’, I’m still confident it will be a tip I’ll use from now on.

With the prime season for enjoying your favorite fruits coming upon us quickly, you’ll have enough time to master your new fruit carving skills and impress your friends at your next cookout. So get down to your nearest grocery store, grab some fruits and try these fun food hacks out immediately.

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5 Food Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You Eat Fruit