Road Trip Accessories

5 Essential Accessories for the Ultimate 2019 Road Trip

The start of the new year is the perfect time to plan out your schedule months in advance and figure out where you'd like to vacation. When I was growing up, my family used to road trip every year from Texas to Colorado, and it was always the best part of the journey. You get to enjoy time out on the open road and visit new and quirky places along the way. So much more exciting than just sitting on an airplane!

The only key with long road trips is you need to prepare. Having the right travel accessories can really make or break the experience, and there's nothing worse than getting 500 miles and realizing you forgot something. Here are five car accessories to help make your trip easy.


1. Car Charger

A car charger might seem obvious, but not only do you need to have a working phone for directions (gone are the days of Mapquest), but to communicate in case of an emergency on the road. Plus it guarantees your iPhone and iPad stay charged for entertainment purposes.

This option from Amazon has two USB ports so that two people can charge at once.


2. Travel Pillow

With all that driving, passengers will most likely need a nap. For whatever reason, I love sleeping in the car, so a pillow is a must. Pro tip, trying to rest your head on a seat belt is not comfortable.

This option from Amazon is a best seller and looks super cozy. Built to keep your neck in the right position while you snooze, it's also machine washable and easy to pack since its collapsable.

3. AAA Roadside Kit

Anything can happen on the road, and you might not have a gas station close by to stock up on essentials. Be prepared and keep this kit on hand for anything including recharging your car battery. You could easily hide it under your front seat for easy access.

This kit from Amazon has pretty much anything you'll need. It has 42 pieces including first aid kit items and tools to check your tire pressure.


4. Cell phone holder

While you're concentrating on driving you don't want to be worried about dropping your phone or be unsafe by getting distracted by it flopping around in the cup holder. Get a phone holder so that your phone is in your immediate sight and you can get your directions hands-free.

This option from Amazon is magnetic so all you have to do is place your phone against it and you're good to go.


5. Insulated Tumbler

Coffee lovers rejoice because an insulated tumbler will keep your hot coffee hot for hours and cold coffee cold.

This option from Amazon is my go-to. You can use it for coffee or water (because you obviously need to stay hydrated).

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