5 Country Stars With Lucrative Side Businesses

These country music stars use their massive exposure to build other business. 

Despite raking in millions of dollars a year, these country stars continue to find ways to make money outside of the country music world. They already have the fans, the reach, and almost any resource at their disposal, so launching a new business can almost always be successful.

5. Kenny Chesney - Fishbowl Spirits, LLC (Blue Chair Bay Rum)

Kenny Chesney's lifelong dream of creating his own spirits company that captured his passion for the islands came true in May 2013. Chesney founded an independent spirits company called Fishbowl Spirits and soon after launched his first premium spirits line called Blue Chair Bay Rum. Funny enough, Chesney came up with the idea on the bow of his boat (and by boat we mean mega-yacht) in the islands.

Blue Chair Bay Rum was an official sponsor of his summer tours and can be found in liquor stores all over the country. Rum flavors include banana, coconut spiced, spiced and white.

4. Carrie Underwood - Calia by Carrie

Being on the road full time can be exhausting, especially for a new mom! Carrie Underwood definitely made a smart financial move by creating a side business, Calia by Carrie Underwood, during her pregnancy.

Carrie teamed up with Dicks Sporting Goods to create her signature line of fitness lifestyle apparel. These comfortable and stylish pieces allow you to hit the gym and then continue with your day whether it be running errands, grabbing lunch with the girls or for Carrie Underwood, hitting rehearsal.

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3. Miranda Lambert - Miranda by Miranda Lambert

As if being the most decorated female artist in the history of the Country Music Association Awards wasn't enough, Miranda Lambert continues to climb the ladder by adding 'entrepreneur' and 'shoe designer' to her resume.

In 2013, Mrs. Shelton launched her feminine, yet edgy shoe line Miranda by Miranda Lambert at DSW, Off Broadway and Shoe Dept.

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2. Sarah Darling - Sweet Darling Patisserie

When country artist Sarah Darling honored her personal commitment to visit France before she turned 30, she returned with two loves...her husband and French Macaroons.

Darling immediately became enamored by the beauty and flavors of the macaroons in Paris.

When she returned to Paris for the second time with her husband, they took a French cookery class and learned first hand how to make these beautiful desserts.

Darling took all the knowledge she learned and Sweet Darling Patisserie was born. Sweet Darling Patisserie is based in Nashville but is available online

1.  Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line - Tribe Kelley

Brian Kelley, one-half of Florida Georgia Line, teamed up with his wife Brittney Kelly to launch the Tribe Kelley clothing line.

While Brittney went to college for Accounting and Psychology, she longed to be a fashion designer. Her passion for designing jewelry and apparel led her to create her own collection, which so far includes beanies, flat brim hats, swimsuits, tops, bottoms and jewelry.

"Both Brian and I are blessed enough to be modern day nomads, venturing out to experience all walks of culture and vogue. We figured we would be missing an opportunity if we didn't create a small capsule collection of our own, even if it didn't sell," Brittney wrote on the official Tribe Kelley website.

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5 Country Stars With Lucrative Side Businesses