How to Steal the Hairstyles of Country’s Hottest Stars

It’s no secret that the ladies of country music rock some big, fantastic hair. Though they look effortless, the looks they wear are easy to recreate. Get your hands on some hairspray and beauty power tools and these five ladies’ styles will be at your fingertips.

Jana Kramer

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jana’s chocolate ombre tresses are shiny, healthy, and easier to recreate than you’d think. She often wears soft but structured curls. With any kind of curling iron or wand on hand, these curls can be yours with little effort.

Get your tools ready and fire up a curling iron or wand that has a big barrel. Anything over an inch should do the trick. If you only have a smaller curling iron or wand, simply lower the heat of the tool. This will make sure your curls aren’t too tight. You’ll need a heat protectant like Redken’s Pillow Proof, or you can try something a little more budget-friendly like Not Your Mother’s Blow Dry Accelerator. Pillow Proof is a serious bang-for-your-buck product, though. It won’t weigh your hair down and it’ll cut your heat styling time in half.

Set yourself up for some hardcore volume with Southern Belle mousse. You can try Herbal Essences Volume Envy mousse too, but hey… can you really pass up a chance to use a product called Southern Belle? It’s my “holy grail” styling product. Keep a shine product handy for the final step. Sparkling Soda smells divine and as an added bonus, it’s weightless. OGX Shimmering Keratin rivals Sparkling Soda in the smell department, but it is a bit heavier on the hair.

Step One:

First steps first: spray a bit of Pillow Proof primer on your hands, and smooth it throughout your hair with care not to distribute too much at the roots of your hair. Jana wears her hair parted down the middle, so grab a comb and draw a straight part back. Getting started on this style means sectioning your hair so that you can reach every layer.

Start by sectioning your hair and clipping it on top of your head so it’s out of the way.

Step Two:

Let’s start curling. Be sure to wind your hair around the barrel of your curling iron or curling wand away from your face. Jana’s face is free from hair so curling your hair away from your face will help keep yours that way too! Take care to keep your hair on the iron or wand for at least 10 seconds.

If you have a smaller wand, remember to turn down the heat but still hold your hair on the iron for 10 seconds.

Step Three:

Very gently let the curl fall off of the wand or iron, and into your hand to cool. Gently use your hand to press the curl back against your head. You can press it up a few times, ensuring the curl stays intact as it cools. Once you’re finished with your section, take a dime sized amount of mousse and distribute it by pressing your section back against your head (scrunch!). Repeat for all sections of your hair.

So, depending on the type of wand or iron you’ve used you might have tighter curls than Jana. Transform your tight curls by running a brush through your hair. The curls will separate, and you can finger comb them to achieve Jana’s shape.

If you’re using a shine product that you’ll have to put in your hair with your hands, use a very, very small amount. Let’s say an amount smaller than your pinky nail. Rub your hands together, and finger comb the shine product through the mid-shaft of your hair through the ends. If you’ve decided to make it very easy on yourself and use a shine spray (I’m telling you, Sparkling Soda is where it’s at) very lightly coat your entire head of hair with care to hit your roots lightly.

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is known for her sassy attitude and stellar pipes. She rocks an adorable bob that’s occasionally spritzed up with some pink color. Even if you’re not sold on the pink, I’ll bet you’re sold on Miranda’s cut. She styles it both straight and wavy, but I’m willing to bet you know how to achieve her straight, sleek style after the straightening iron phase of the early 2000s. Let’s try her beach waves instead.

Fire up that curling iron again ladies. Whatever curling iron size you have will work just fine for this look. While you’re waiting for it to heat up, gather your supplies. To spice up your shorter locks, you’ll need to get your hands on a good salt spray. Bumble and Bumble are known for their beach wave perfection (and tropical scent), but OGX’s Beach Spray comes in a close second. Neither one will leave your hair crunchy or crusted with fake salt, so you win either way.

Step One:

Shorter haired ladies, I envy you. The time it takes to create just-left-the-beach hair is way shorter for you lucky women. If you’d like to use a heat protectant, now is the time. Section your hair off by clipping at least half of it on top of your head so the under layer is free to be styled.

Take care to wrap your hair around the curling iron (don’t use the clamp!) or wand away from your face.

Step Two:

Each curl can stay on the iron for 12-15 seconds before you gently let it off the wand, and into your hand to cool. There isn’t a lot of definition to Miranda’s waves, so there’s no need to try to let the curl cool in your hand. When you’re done with a section, spritz your fingers with the salt texture spray, and work it into your roots as if you were spreading dry shampoo.

Step Three:

Continue curling the sections of your hair until your head is a delightful mess of waves. With your salt spray at the ready, give your curls a light coating. It will very quickly, but while you wait give a little extra product to your ends. Miranda’s bob is piece-y, so this will help you define the ends of your waves. Finger comb through your hair to help the waves come undone just a little bit more, and you’re ready to rock.

Connie Britton

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

It’s no secret I’m a Connie Britton fan; whether it’s Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story, or Nashville itself. Her strawberry tresses are iconic. No matter the occasion, Connie Britton is polished with a great big voluminous hairstyle. Typically, you’ll find the strawberry blonde beauty with her hair styled in very long, loose, and big curls. She’ll spice the look up by creating a half-up-half-down look sometimes, too.

It’s tough to recreate big curls like these without a bigger barreled curling wand. Heat up your favorite hot tool with a barrel that’s bigger than one inch around. If you’re armed with only a smaller barrel curling wand, make sure the heat is high. You’ll also want a good hairspray like Bed Head’s Hard Head which is a fantastic hairspray that helps in the shine department too. A little bit goes a long way, so you can keep this product on hand for a while.

Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Hairspray smells like sandalwood and vanilla, and it seems to infuse big curls with just enough shine. You’ll want your favorite dry shampoo available too. Batiste has an endless array of fragrances in their dry shampoos, but I’m a sucker for a fruity scent like their Cherry.  A small claw hair clip will be helpful if you decide to spruce up your Connie curls.

Step One:

Connie’s hair is smooth and frizz-free, so the best way to start this look is with a clean slate. Wash, dry, and prep your hair however you like to before using hot styling tools. Make sure to take your time drying your hair, using a paddle brush to help dry every layer, angle, and part of your hair.

Step Two:

Her characteristic curls look effortless and natural, but don’t worry. There’s an easy trick to natural curls. Instead of curling the entire section or piece of hair, we’ll only curl from the middle of the hair to the ends. If you have with your curls staying, you can lightly mist your hair with hairspray before you wrap it around the curling wand.

Step Three:

Here’s another unique characteristic of Connie’s curls: one side always curls inwards towards her face. If you part your hair on the side, whatever side has more hair should be curled away. Whatever side has less hair should be curled towards your face.

Let each curl fall without scrunching, and they will cool a looser just like we want them.

Step Four:

It’s time for hair spray! Lightly mist your hair from root to end. We’re going for volume now, so it’s OK to spray a little extra. Go in with your dry shampoo next, focusing on the underside of small layers of your hair. This will boost your volume without adding any crunch factor extra hair spray might.

Step Five:

Use your fingers to gently break the curls up and allow them to stretch longer and looser. Once the curls have been gently separated, it’s time for either a shine spray or that magical Moroccan Oil Luminous. Focus on the ends of your hair, as Connie’s curls are full of shine.

Finger comb your hair until the curls are sitting pretty!


If you want to try Connie’s polished half-up-half-down look, simply run your fingers through the top of your hair to remove your part. Be ready to clip half of your hair back with the claw clip to complete the look.

Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini

It didn’t take long for Kelsea Ballerini’s blonde and fun hair to gain attention. She styles her hair in low maintenance looks like beach waves and half-up top knots. Kelsea’s hair is often long and wavy which is a style that’s easy to recreate without too much heat.

You’ll need a texturizing spray or a sea salt spray like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf spray. Drybar’s TripleSec is a great texturizing spray that acts as a hairspray, too. Much like it’s brother and sister products, Triple Sec smells incredible. You’ll also need a strong hold hairspray. Bedhead’s Hardhead can help out, and provide a bit of shine too.

Step One:

After taking a brush to your hair, give it a good dose of texturizing spray or sea salt spray. The next step is to braid your hair from at least the middle of the back of your head all the way down. Using your hair spray, coat the braid generously.

Step Two:

If you have some time, you can leave your hair in this braid for it to take on some waviness. If you’re pressed for time, consider plugging your hairdryer in and giving your braid some shots of heat. After a few minutes, cool it on the blow dryer.

Step Three:

Coat your braid one more time with a lighter dusting of hairspray before you pull off the hair tie on the bottom of your braid. Run your fingers through to loosen the waves. You can always add some shine with a shine spray or serum, but Kelsea’s hair is very low maintenance. Feel free to skip the shine this time!

Maddie &  Tae

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The duo is ushering in a new wave of envy-worthy hairstyles with devil-may-care effortlessness.  Their styles are great for a morning when you’ve probably (definitely) slept in. As long as you’ve got a curling wand or iron and a tight hairband, you’ll be able to pull this off.

If you apply a heat protectant to your hair, it’ll speed along the process even further. Kendra’s Platinum Hot Spray will give your hair the protection it needs, as well as a little bit of texture to help the style hold.

Step One:

Run a brush through your hair before pulling it up on top of your head and into a ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hairband. Once your curling iron is ready, grab different sections of hair from the ponytail and wrap them around the curling iron or wand. Size doesn’t matter for this look, and neither does direction. Just grab, wrap for five to ten seconds and then let go! This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes at the longest.

Step Two:

Pull your hairband off, and run your fingers through your hair to help separate the curls. They’ll cool quickly and loosen even quicker. You’re free to load up on shine now, or simply finish up by finger combing. Your hair will be polished and effortless in no time.

Your hair will be polished and effortless in no time.

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