5 Country Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts

Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around the endless struggle to find the perfect gift looms overhead. Instead of roses and a card, step out of the box this time around and get something unique for your country-lovin’ guy or gal.

We’ve included several Valentine’s Day gift ideas from jewelry to camping accessories, so get creative this year to show your loved one you know exactly what will make their heart flutter, which is keeping it country. If you go for a full country-themed getaway, remember, it’s almost like getting a gift for yourself as well!

1. Johnny Cash Pistol Necklace


This Johnny Cash inspired necklace is the perfect combination of country sass and sweetness for your country girl. Featuring a pistol and the lyrics “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine,” this necklace is a great way to give something sentimental without being too cheesy.

2. Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener


A custom engraved bottle opener is a thoughtful gift that will be used time and again by your loved one. If anything rings true, it is country boys love their beer, and this specialty bottle opener will fit right into any wallet for easy access and storage. Engravings can be classy, fun, meaningful, and more so this bottle opener is sure to be a gift that will stick around for years. 

3.  Music City Retreat

 Flickr/Larry Darling
Flickr/Larry Darling

If your country guy or gal is a music fan, then a getaway trip to Nashville, Tennessee is the perfect answer for Valentine’s Day. With romance packages at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville, you will be located in the heart of the city only minutes from the World Famous Wildhorse Saloon, the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and countless other activities.

4. Truck Bed Mattress

Create a romantic country camping getaway with a truck bed mattress, and a few glamping supplies and you have a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed by both you and your significant other. There are several makers of specialty truck bed mattresses that can be transported easily and packed away when not in use. Toss their favorite food items into a picnic basket, grab your sweetheart and head to the country for the weekend to start a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

5. Country Boy Tee


Every true country boy loves their roots and wears them loud and proud.  Over at Handmade Escapade the customizable options are endless, but any country boy with a little modern style will love this gift. Sometimes simpler is better and what guy doesn’t need another t-shirt for their collection!

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5 Country Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts