5 Bourbon Cocktails You Should Make on New Year’s Eve

The classic combo of champagne and New Years has gone unchallenged for decades. And while champagne is considered the nectar of the gods by some, bourbon gives a touch of warmth and depth that sparkling wine just can’t. Impress your guests and warm up New Year’s Eve with these strong, festive cocktails.

5. Kentucky Corpse Reviver


The name says it all. Even those most staid and unexcited of party guests can get behind this citrus-infused bourbon cocktail from Serious Eats.

Mix together equal parts of the following:

That last ingredient is a citrusy wine liqueur that gives this cocktail a truly original flair.

Shake with some ice in a cocktail shaker and serve with a mint sprig. It’s a fitting cocktail for a 1920s-inspired New Years party.

Sparkling Blood Orange and Bourbon

Flickr/Memphis CVB

Give your New Year’s Eve or Day a classy, refreshing splash with this recipe from Love and Lemons. The pairing of fresh juice, bourbon, bitters and a bit of sparkle will please even light drinkers.

To make a single cocktail you’ll need:

Shake together the first three ingredients. Add the splash of club soda and finish with a sprig of mint.

Classic French 75

Flickr/Ann Larie Valentine

This cocktail screams high-class bourbon consumption. It also mixes together champagne and bourbon for a completely fulfilling New Years drink. According to the Whiskey Professor, it’s also named after a piece of French artillery.

Shake together equals parts of the following ingredients with ice:

Pour into a martini glass and finish off with a splash of champagne or sparkling wine and you are ready to toast.

Bourbon Fizz

Flickr/Sarah Stierch

Bring out the depth of bourbon with this old-fashioned cocktail from Food and Wine Magazine. It combines powerful liqueurs with a dash of club soda for a refreshing, fizzy, praline-infused finish.

Make one drink by shaking the following ingredients with ice:

Add a splash of club soda and serve in a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

Bourbon Sour

Flickr/Amber DeGrace

The classic whiskey sour gets an update with this fresh remix. Bourbon lovers will definitely perk up.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Stir together the honey and water until the honey dissolves. Muddle three of the orange slices with the honey-water mixture in a shaker. Add the ice, lemon juice and bourbon.

Shake the mixture thoroughly, pour into a tumbler and garnish with the remaining orange slice.

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