5 Best Meat and Three Restaurants in Nashville

Looking for a hearty helping of southern homestyle cooking in the Music City? Try one of these meat and three restaurants.

Most people who live outside of Nashville have probably never heard of meat and three restaurants, but they're one of the most popular dining options in Music City--and for good reason. A meat and three restaurant is a dining establishment that allows diners to select their choice of meat and three side dishes. Here are five of the top meat and three places in Nashville.

5. Monell's

Monell's Website

If you're looking for an authentic taste of the South, try Monell's. While this isn't your traditional meat and three restaurant, it's one you definitely don't want to miss out on. All meals are served family style, which means you'll be seated at a large table with 8-12 other guests. As you chat with those around you, servers will bring gigantic platters of homestyle fried chicken, meatloaf, brisket, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and a host of other side dishes. Monell's has several locations in Music City, including one that's in an old mansion. This is the perfect place to dine at if you want to sample all kinds of Southern comfort foods.

4. Arnold's Country Kitchen 

Arnold's Country Kitchen
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Located in the Gulch, this iconic restaurant is one of the top meat and threes in town. Each day, diners can choose between a variety of meats and sides including roast beef, BBQ, fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes, and corn. They also make a mean lemonade and serve plenty of mouthwatering desserts each day.

3. Copper Kettle

Copper Kettle
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This laid-back, cafeteria-style meat and three is perfect for casual lunch dates or relaxed dinners. The meat and three menu rotates each day, so you can get different types of meat depending on the day. There are always plenty of sides to go along with your entree, including fried okra, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green bean casserole.

2. Puckett's

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If you're looking for more hearty, homestyle food, you'll want to check out Puckett's. Similar to other meat and threes in the area, Puckett's features a cafeteria-style line. You simply walk through the line and let the server know what meats and sides you want to try. You won't want to miss the pulled pork, fried chicken, and BBQ.

1. Nashville Biscuit House

Nashville Biscuit House
Nashville Biscuit House Website

This cute, old-fashioned diner has a drive-through for busy customers, as well as indoor seating for those who want to stay for awhile. In addition to normal options like catfish and country fried steak, Nashville Biscuit House also offers unique sides like carrot raisin salad and applesauce cocktail. Plus, they make new homemade desserts every day, so it's the perfect place to go if you have a sweet tooth!

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5 Best Meat and Three Restaurants in Nashville