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This 4th Grader Flawlessly Explains the Definition of Great Barbecue

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You may call yourself a barbecue fan, but you probably can't vocalize the true greatness of a perfectly cooked piece of meat as well as this charismatic fourth grader.

Atlanta native Sloan Finger earned a lot of fans for his impressive entry in the 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Contest. He chose to discuss the "elusive" quality of true barbecue, a term which is frequently misused and misunderstood. With a clear voice and plenty of charm, Finger educates his audience on the true meaning of "barbecue."

"People believe that by simply adding 'barbecue sauce' to the top of a meat, it makes it barbecue," Sloan says. "And even at my old school, they made sloppy joes and called them barbecue sandwiches. Unfortunately, some kids believed them."

He goes onto tell the crowd about the regional differences of barbecue and their preferred meats. The definition of the word can mean many different things to many people, especially if you compare states like Texas and South Carolina.

Finger learned all of this important BBQ history from his family, who have been celebrating holidays with massive cookouts since the 1900s. Although he ended up landing third place in the competition, it's a safe bet that his family is more than proud of their well-spoken barbecue expert.

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This 4th Grader Flawlessly Explains the Definition of Great Barbecue