400 Students Surprise Cancer-Stricken Teacher with Song Outside Nashville Home

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The ultimate definition of being humble and kind was shown by 400 students in Nashville when they gathered outside their cancer-stricken teacher's home to sing uplifting songs of faith.

Ben Ellis, a Latin teach at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tenn., is deeply loved by his students. So much so that during the school day the entire student body drove to his house to sing hymns through an open window where he could listen and enjoy.

While the students were singing out on the lawn, Ellis watched from above and sang right along. The video, which shows an amazing act of kindness by the next generation, is guaranteed to give you chills.

The spur of the moment plan came from the school principal. A letter to parents explained the reasoning behind it.

"Over the course of last night and into this morning, three separate and unrelated people approached me saying that while praying they received a vision of the high school students and faculty singing praises on the front lawn of the home of Ben Ellis, our Latin teacher who is battling cancer and who loves a good hymn sing.

So, we loaded the buses and cars and went. It was a powerful and moving outpouring of love that our students were able to bestow upon a man who loves us well. We returned to campus and went straight into chapel, where we prayed and praised God. It was broken and beautiful."

Country artist Tim McGraw received a video of the moment from a friend and shared it to his Facebook page along with a heartfelt note.

"A friend sent this to me today. Ben Ellis is a Nashville area high school teacher battling cancer. The entire student body (400+ students plus HS faculty) drove to his house to worship with him. Our thoughts and Prayers are with him and his family..... So precious and kind."

The video has since gone viral with over 20 million views to date. The posting on McGraw's Facebook page also has more than 30,000 comments. Some of them are from parents of the children from the Nashville school.

"The kids were giving back to him some of the love he has given to them," the school principal shared. "He is the definition of a teacher, a role model, a servant. He wrote the kids a letter telling them he is even more certain now that God is Good and with us. And Ben is full of hope, joy, and peace."

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400 Students Surprise Cancer-Stricken Teacher with Song Outside Nashville Home