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40 Types of Pizza That Will Blow Your Mind

Food Republic

Food Republic has done it again with an infographic that highlights 40 different kinds of pizza. Some of them you'll know quite well such as the French bread, stuffed crust, white and Sicilian. Others you may find hard-pressed to believe actually exist.

Ever heard of a pizza cone? Brave enough to put tuna and sweet corn together on a pizza? Did you know it could be deep-fried like in the Scottish pizza crunch? Don't worry, most probably haven't.

And then there are the regional shout outs. If you're from New York, Chicago, St. Louis or Connecticut you know exactly which ones I'm talking about.

Then there are the ones that will make you look twice, questioning whether or not they're really pizza at all such as the sushi made from rice crust, bagel pizza or the Mexican which skips the real dough for a tortilla.

Scrolling to the bottom you'll see a few popular alternatives like the Stromboli and calzone. Although it's questionable whether or not they should be considered in the actual pizza category, they're still appetizing enough that you won't find any arguments here.

The food graphic pretty much sets anyone up for almost a years' worth of dinner choices so take a look below and start ranking your choices in order of preference and get to it.

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40 Types of Pizza That Will Blow Your Mind