4 November Tailgate Recipes to Improve Your Gameday

With Halloween weekend fast approaching, we all know football season remains in full swing. That being said, it's time to switch up your tailgate grub as cooler weather descends upon the nation. There's still plenty of football, both college and pro, left to play, and the weather won't keep true fans away from a good tailgate.

So whether you're partying at The Grove at Ole Miss, the Tennessee River in Knoxville, or in your own backyard, these four tailgate recipes will help keep your fellow fans warm and full.

4. Chili


Chili is certainly an obvious tailgate food during the coming late-season tailgates.

Aside from being warm and hearty, no two people have identical chili recipes. While I refuse to disclose my own chili recipe like any good Southerner, this fusion chili recipe from AllRecipes user Lonbinder is one that will make anyone attending your tailgate come back for more.

The basic process for chili is fairly simple. You begin by cooking the meat and add the different flavors slowly, letting it set between four to eight hours depending on the time. This is a recipe that will require you to begin the cooking process much earlier than the actual tailgate, so have plenty of beer on hand.

What's also great about chili at tailgates is that you can use any leftover chili as a topper to the traditional hot dog and hamburgers. If you go your own way with the chili, be prepared for a learning experience because any change made in your recipe will be noted.

3. Runzas


To be clear, the Southeastern Conference, Oklahoma and Texas do not have the monopoly on the best tailgate foods. If you've ever been to a Nebraska Cornhusker tailgate, you know what a runza is. If you don't know, you're missing out.

Essentially, you stuff cabbage, onion and hamburger meat inside a bread pouch and close it. You bake the runza for about 45 minutes to achieve maximum deliciousness.

I personally like to also add mozzarella cheese within the filling. Here is a recipe, with cheese, by Allrecipes user Krista Tank. After you have one, you'll be thanking Nebraska for more than corn.

If you're having an at-home tailgate, this Runza casserole recipe will also do the trick.

2. Bacon-Wrapped Buffalo Poppers


When it comes to any tailgate I attend, there are two food necessities that I always desire: bacon and heat. I also want beer, too, but that's neither here nor there.

Needless to say, if you have items with bacon, cheese and jalapenos, there won't be a bite leftover. The best part is that these babies can be grilled.

What you will need to do is split the jalapeno in half and unseed it, resulting in two poppers per japaleno. Afterwards, fill the jalapeno with the buffalo chicken mixture. Finally, wrap the bacon around the jalapeno, using a toothpick through the popper to hold it in place, and grill to completion.

This recipe, courtesy of AllTheCooks user, shows the easiest way to grill these beauties. The recipe calls for chicken, but almost any meat will work. There's also a breakfast alternative for early games, known as Armadillo Eggs that can be found here.

1. Breakfast Burritos


As a graduate of the University of Georgia, there are two things I learned from my Saturdays in Athens. The first lesson was that the Dawgs were going to lose at least two games each season. The second lesson, much to every student's misfortune, was that most home games were going to take place Between the Hedges at noon.

However, don't fear; plenty of tailgating can be done with breakfast food. Breakfast burritos and tacos are honestly your best bet because they're quick, cheap and easy to customize based on taste preferences.

To make these beauties, cook your eggs, bacon, and potatoes the way they're normally prepared. Make sure you have warm and moist tortillas, either by steam or microwave. Place the prepped items on the tortilla, add the fixins' and wrap.

Here is a simple recipe from AllRecipes user Janinarai on how to make the perfect tailgate breakfast food for those in your crew who partied a little too hard the night before.

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4 November Tailgate Recipes to Improve Your Gameday