4 Awesome Upgrades to Get the Most out of Your 4-Wheeler

Racing across the countryside. Off-roading. Kicking up dirt. Splashing through mud. Leaving others in the dust as you show off your speed. A day 4-wheeling is a day well spent.

What else is fun? 4-wheeler upgrades. The right accessories can upgrade your toy to create a machine that helps you play and work. Yes, believe it or not, there are other ways you can make good use of your ATV. With the right 4-wheeler upgrades, you'll do more than roar down the trail or cut through the cornfields.

Here are four ways to trick out your 4-wheeler to use it for more than racing.

1. Winch It

4-wheeler upgrade winch

Attach a winch to your ATV. You'll have a great utility vehicle that can help move debris off your land. Or, take it on your next camping trip to use as a firewood mover. Going hunting? If you're as successful as you hope to be, this winch could be helpful with moving a large carcass. If your buddy ever gets his ATV stuck in the mud, he'll appreciate this accessory too (if you're nice enough to go rescue him).

2. Trailer It

4-wheeler upgrade trailer
Flickr/Don Brubacher

Have anything you need to haul? Attach a trailer to the back of your 4-wheeler to create a cargo carrier. Bring feed to the barn. Bring wood to the house. Transport heavy containers or parts. Make life easier. Let your ATV do the hauling. You can find an easier way to buff your biceps.

3. Plow It

4-wheeler upgrade snow plow

Summer is no longer the only season for 4-wheeling. Make it a year-round activity by attaching a plow to the front of your ATV. When snow builds up, don't let it keep you indoors. Use your 4-wheeler to clear your driveway, get across your property or blaze a trail.

4. Locate It

4-wheeler upgrade GPS

You may 4-wheel your way into remote areas. You may get stranded. You may get hurt. Or, maybe you just get a little lost. Add a GPS system to your ATV and avoid the dangers of these situations. Bright headlights are also a good idea.

With these 4-wheeler upgrades, you can created a machine equipped for survival.

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4 Awesome Upgrades to Get the Most out of Your 4-Wheeler