30 Things Every Country Girl Should Know How to Do

Here are 30 skills a real country girl should add to her collection.

Are you a country girl at heart? Whether you live on an idyllic ranch or in an urban abode, living the country lifestyle is easy with these skills in your pocket.

30. Tie a bowline knot

You never know when you’ll need this crucial knot to get you out of a bind.

29. French braid hair

Flickr / Maegan Tintari
Flickr / Maegan Tintari

This one should go in the essential skills category.

28. Shoot a crossbow

You might not use this one every day, but it’s a great skill to have.

27. Throw back whiskey

 Flickr/ Will Vanlue
Flickr/ Will Vanlue

Don’t gag at the smell of strong spirits. The greatest country artists sing about throwing back whiskey.

26. Milk a cow

Milkmaid Farmer Woman Milking Machine Pumps

It might sound cliché, but there’s nothing like drinking a fresh glass of milk. You’ll appreciate the jug in your fridge much more.

25. Drive a stick shift

 Flickr/ aimhelix
Flickr/ aimhelix

How else are you going to pull that trailer? Driving a stick shift is one of the most useful skills anyone can learn.

24. Clean and gut a fish

You might think the catch is enough, but it’s not. You should be able to clean and filet your own catch.

23. Skeet shoot

Flickr/Leia Scofield

This is the ultimate stress reliever!

22. Dosey Doe at a square dance

 Flickr/ Seattle Municipal Archives
Flickr/ Seattle Municipal Archives

If you’re a real country girl, then you shouldn’t trip over your feet. Go ahead and grab a partner.

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21. Trail ride

You should feel comfortable on a horse and know your way around the barn. Trail riding is a great way to get some fresh air.

20. Change the oil in your car

 Flickr/ Robert Couse-Baker 
Flickr/ Robert Couse-Baker

This one might be tricky, but it’s pretty empowering to know how to do it. Find a nice cowboy and make him teach you.

19. Climb a tree

Hopefully, you got this one out of your system as a kid. You’ll definitely enjoy the view!

18. Knit a scarf

 Flickr/ Dyfnaint
Flickr/ Dyfnaint

It’s much easier than it looks. Grab some yarn, a couple of knitting needles and get started.

17. Harvest vegetables

It’s easy to pick up vegetables from the produce section. However, a real southern lady knows more than the average Joe about ripe produce.

16. Cook like Ma

 Flickr/ Christopher Porter
Flickr/ Christopher Porter

Every country girl should be able to work her magic on the stove. Dig up that old Chicken n’ Biscuits recipe.

15. Clean a horseshoe

Hopefully, you’re not skittish around large animals. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

14. Shotgun a beer

 Flickr/ Matty Sides 
Flickr/ Matty Sides

It’s not about being a party animal. However, you should be able to drink with the guys.

13. Bake an apple pie

Find a good, classic recipe and give it a go. The key is to bake it from scratch, and you’ll feel like a pro.

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12. Change a flat tire

 Flickr/ Valorie
Flickr/ Valorie

Next time you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat, you won’t need to call for a tow. You’ll be on the road in no time.

11. Throw a strong punch

girl punch 2

Hopefully, you won’t need to. However, self-defense is always a great skill to have.

10. Light a fire

 Flickr/ Lee
Flickr/ Lee

Want to impress your friends? Don’t leave the next campfire to the guys.

9. Pair cowboy boots with everything


Real country girls know boots go with anything.

8. Pitch a tent

 Flickr/ Alan English CPA
Flickr/ Alan English CPA

Outdoor girls know camping. Pitching your own tent makes you just a little more independent.

7. Go without makeup for a day

Sure, you like to dress up every now and again. Some days, it’s OK to leave the house with a fresh face.

6. Make natural remedies

 Flickr/ Sammy JayJay
Flickr/ Sammy JayJay

There are hundreds of wonderful homeopathic remedies. Have them ready next time you’re feeling under the weather.

5. Grill a steak

grill a steak 2

As a country gal, you should definitely have this one down to a science. Get creative and fire up the grill.

4. Use a shovel

 Flickr/ Vienze Ziction
Flickr/ Vienze Ziction

Put those boots to good use.

3. Throw a lasso

You may not need it, but you’ll feel great throwing a lasso just like a real rancher.

2. Plant a garden

 Flickr/ Benjamin Hayes
Flickr/ Benjamin Hayes

You don’t need to be your own farmer’s market, but it’s a good feeling to feed yourself from your own yard.

1. Use a sewing machine

sewing machine 2


No need to make a whole new wardrobe. However, if anything needs to be patched or hemmed, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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30 Things Every Country Girl Should Know How to Do