30 Reasons Waffle House Is the Bomb

If you live or at least have road tripped in the South, you've been to the glowing neon mecca with a giant griddle and warm breakfast food at any hour of the day. It's a lifestyle and it never lets you down, whether it's Monday morning or 3am on a Tuesday.

Here are 30 reasons Waffle House has earned a spot to stay in your heart:

30. Unlimited coffee.

Waffle House Mug
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29. The post-bar fights you'll witness.

28. The post-bar friends you can make.

27. The post-bar hangover prevention.

Hash Browns
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26. It may be the only 24-hour place for miles.

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25. Your waitress always has something hilarious to say.

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24. Waffle House fights are scientifically proven to be more entertaining than bar fights.

23. Breakfast for lunch.

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22. Breakfast for dinner.

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21. If you live in Atlanta, they can cater your next event.

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20. They have food trucks.

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19. Coming back from a road trip, the bright neon is the first sign you're back in your Southern home.

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18. Scattered, smothered, and covered.

17. You could run into Andre Nickatina, Colt Ford, or even Justin Bieber.

16. Their menu has pictures so deciding has never been easier.

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15. Their waffles are probably bigger than your face.

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14. You can get chocolate or peanut butter chips on your waffles. And they melt. Beautifully.

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13. Everything you can possibly eat costs less than a tank of gas to get you there.

12. Hash browns.

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11. There's a good chance that you'll meet a regular with wild stories and a name like Billy Bob.

10. It's a judgement free zone.

9. It's an iconic institution of the South.

8. The letters look beautiful Instagrammed against a blue sky.

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7. Because there's nothing more beautiful than a giant griddle.

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6. It's the best ending to many an adventure.

5. It's always there for you on long road trips.

4. It helps you figure out who your true friends are - just ask "Waffle House or IHOP?"

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2. Because WAFFLES.

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1. You can make reservations for dinner on Valentine's Day. No, really.

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30 Reasons Waffle House Is the Bomb