3 Ways to Get Loose Waves Like Jennifer Nettles

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Make a style statement with one of this year's hottest hair trends.

One of the biggest trends in hair this year is loose, flowing waves. And Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles knows a thing or two about wavy locks.

The bubbly blonde has a natural wave to her hair, which makes rockin' the loose waves easy for her. I'm sure Jennifer can pull off bed head like it's nobody's business, but chances are she has a technique or two (like a professional hair stylist) that she uses to enhance her natural waves.

Even if you don't have naturally wavy hair, you can still create the loose waves look on yourself. With a little help from styling tools and easy DIY techniques, you'll be "waving" goodbye to those tight, straight strands in no time.

Here are three ways to get that loose waves look.

OTRC Photo
OTRC Photo

Hair Barrel Waver

House of Beauty
House of Beauty

Just like a curling iron is great for creating curls in your hair, a hair waver is great for creating waves. Most are fairly simple to use, and are designed specifically for creating waves, not curls.

When using a hot iron to style your hair, you can set the look with hairspray. This should help keep the waves lasting longer.

Braids in Your Hair

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If you like the idea of more natural looking waves, this DIY technique is super easy.

When your hair is wet (not quite damp, but not soaking), split it into several small sections and braid each section. Don't braid too tightly (you'll get crimpy hair, not wavy hair), but tight enough that the braid will hold.

I have used this technique before, and I usually do it before bed, going to sleep with the braids in my hair. When I wake up, I take out the braids and my hair has a lovely loose wave.

Just run your fingers through your hair gently. Don't brush it, or the waves may start to straighten out. For extra hold, set with a hairspray or wave enhancer spray.

Heated Hair Rollers


If you aren't able to sleep in braids, and you don't have time to use a hair waver, another option is to use hot rollers.

Once heated, they usually work pretty quickly (less than 15 minutes). And the nice thing about them is that you can wear them while you do your makeup and finish getting ready.

For looser waves, don't roll the rollers too tightly. And of course, set with hairspray as needed.

Now that you know how to style your hair like Jennifer Nettles, it's time to decide where you're going to sport your new 'do. At lunch with the ladies? On a first date? Maybe to a Sugarland concert...

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3 Ways to Get Loose Waves Like Jennifer Nettles