This 3 Step Test Will Determine Your Dog's Intelligence


Ever wanted to test your dog's intelligence to see how smart they really are? IFL Science broke down a simple three-step test that can help you determine your pup's canine IQ.

As IFL Science states, IQ is "defined as intelligence across a span of general cognitive tasks, rather than a specific skill or test." 68 working border collies were used to conduct the study and complete the three-step test.

Test one focuses on how quickly the dog can identify one pile of food as larger than another. Put two groups of food out on the floor, or in different bowls, and see which one your dog chooses.

The second test (which also involves food) is all about how long it takes the dog to find food behind a number of different barriers. Try putting food behind different obstacles in your house and see how long it takes your dog to figure it out.

The final test is more general -- how well does the dog obey commands from their human? Does your dog sit, stay and lay down as soon as they are told?

If your dog can do all of these three things with speed and ease, you've got an intelligent dog on your hands. According to the research, a dog that excelled on one test, also did well on the other two.

The study, done by London School of Economics and University of Edinburgh, says the test isn't just about dogs, though. They are looking to see how this research could help humans as well.

Dr. Rosalind Arden from the university said of the value of the study, "This is significant because in humans there is a small but measurable tendency for people who are brighter to be healthier and live longer. So if, as our research suggests, dog intelligence is structured similarly to ours, studying a species that doesn't smoke, drink, use recreational drugs and does not have large differences in education and income, may help us understand this link between intelligence and health better."

You can find out more about the science behind the study over on IFL Science.

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This 3 Step Test Will Determine Your Dog's Intelligence