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The 3 Best Cooking with Beer Blogs to Follow

If you're ready to go beyond pouring some light suds over the grill and calling that cooking with beer, you've come to the right place. While flavoring up your red meats with a cold one is an excellent gateway method, cooking with beer can be so much more. And I've got the three most qualified bloggers to show you how it's done.

Rather than treat beer as just another ingredient, these bloggers showcase it. Marrying complex beer flavors with incredible foods, they offer up some tasty recipes.

If you're new to the world of cooking with beer or are looking to improve upon your culinary skills, these blogs are great places to start. You'll learn how to cook with beer and make delicious recipes like this Java Stout Braised Lamb Shank . Get ready, once you become a food and beer recipe expert, you'll start looking at beer like it's its own food group.

1. Cooking and Beer

Colorado transplant Justine and her husband Zach are shaking up the norm of what it means to be cooking with beer. Putting a fresh spin on sweet and savory dishes, their recipes have a farm-to-table flare with everyone's favorite ingredient, beer. And for those recipes that don't they offer a type of beer to pair with it. If you're new to cooking with beer and pairing it with food, I highly recommend this blog.

Healthy eating made good, there are plenty of easy recipes for newbies to try. Start off with an appetizer or side dish of Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Cream and Quick Chimichurri paired with a brown ale and move on from there.

2. The Beeroness

One of my personal favorites, food and beer blogger Jackie Dodd offers up comfort food with a twist. You won't find any watered down suds in her food. She focuses on using quality craft beers with complex flavors to enhance her recipes. You'll find bold porters and full-bodied Belgian ales elevating the flavor profile of everything from meats to sweets.

To further your education, she offers up the beer basics with her Beer 101 and Beer Style descriptions on the blog. Resourceful and insightful, you'll be drooling over the photos as you scroll through the feed.

Take a break from beer-can chicken and spruce up your chicken thighs with her Beer and Blood Orange Roast Chicken. Or try your hand at this decadent Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Stuffed with French Toast.

3. Beer Bitty

Heather Lewis certainly knows her way around the kitchen and bottle shop. With beer-spiration from the California and Texas beer scene, she takes good beer and highlights it as a main ingredient. Her tasty recipes are like fancied up pub food you actually want to eat and drink with beer.

Grab your favorite wheat beer and try the Grilled Hawaiian Burger with Teriyaki Beer Sauce. If you're more in the mood for an American pale ale I hear the Mac and Cheese with Buffalo Chicken is to die for.

What are you waiting for, swing by the bottle shop and let's get cooking!

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